Used Books & Broadsides: February 24, 2016

We’ve purchased some more goodies for you to peruse!

This lot’s different than most, though, in that we don’t often come by broadsides, especially so many printed so many decades ago (on such groovy paper). And we’re jazzed to have them. Some are more recent but equally neat. We also picked up a few books and a couple chaps of interest. Drop a line if we can provide details.

Happy hunting!

* * *


“Winter Solstice” by Jody Aliesan: excerpt from Grief Sweat ($10.50, signed, 1990)

“So Fine” by Diane di Prima: 9″ x 12.25″ signed, with typo corrected in pen by author [“crashing” changed to “crushing”] ($50, Yes! Press, 1971)

“Tree Design (for Judith)” by Robert Durand ($5, Yes! Press)

“If Someone Travels Very Very Fast You Can Follow Him by Standing Still” by Phil Garrison: 7″ x 9″ ($15, Yes! Press, 1972)

“Revenge on the White Bitch of My Nature” by Walter Hall: signed & numbered ($15, #23, Yes! Press, 1970)

“New Amsterdam,” excerpted from Abundant Treasures (Granary Books, 2001) by Duncan Hannah & Simon Pettet: printed on occasion of Book Expo America, May 2002 ($24.50, 1 of 200 copies, Soho Letterpress)

“The Hardest Thing (Butter Creek School House)” by Jana Harris: excerpt from The Dust of Everyday Life: An Epic Poem of the Pacific Northwest ($10.50, signed, Sasquatch Books)

“DT” by Jack Hirschman: 8″ x 12.5″ ($25, Yes! Press, 1971)

“[Time of the people changed to prayer…]” by Jack Hirschman: two 11″ x 8″ broadsides, one with deckle edge, printed in two colors ($20 each, 2 copies of 300, Noel Young/The Lost Pleiade Press, August 1974)

“Cedrelatoona” by Paula Jones: 15″ x 10″ ($15, signed, 1 of 100 copies, Barbarian Press, 1990)

“What It Is Like When You Die” by Dick Kennedy: 10″ x 3.25″ ($15, Yes! Press, 1970)

“Hymn” by Jack Kerouac: 9″ x 11.5″ published in cooperation with City Lights Books ($40, 1st printing of a later edition, Yes! Press, 1971)

“[ladies & gentlemen / the instructions…]” by Zig Knoll: 6″ x 16″ folded once ($15, Yes! Press, 1972)

“The Woodpecker” by James Laughlin: 11” x 7” ($25, Yes! Press, 1971)

“Thoreau” by Timothy Liu, from Burnt Offerings: 7.25″ x 10.25″ with one deckle edge, printed in two colors ($10.50, Copper Canyon, 1995)

“[I dream you asleep / in my bed.]” by Maria D. Mascaro ($15, Yes! Press, 1971)

“[32 beams of light…]” by David Meltzer: with woodcut by James Hibbard ($25, 1 of 100 copies, Yes! Press, 1970)

“[Bronx Lil / head of Lillin S.A.C….]” by David Meltzer: 11″ x 4.25″ ($35, signed, 1 of 125 copies, Yes! Press, 1970)

Excerpt from A Different Person: A Memoir by James Merrill: large promotional broadside/poster still plastic wrapped, with photo of author ($25, Knopf, 1992/’93)

“Waves in August” by W.S. Merwin: from The River Sound, printed on occasion of benefit reading for Small Press Distribution, January 11, 1999 ($15, 1 of 200 copies)

“Summer Poem” by Mary Oliver: signed, printed letterpress in two colors to celebrate publication of What Do We Know ($200, Da Capo Press, January 2002)

“Seeds of Singing” by Carlos Reyes: 11″ x 4.25″ ($25, signed, Yes! Press, 1970)

“[He breathed on her and gave her…]” excerpted from Mary Dodds Schlick’s Columbia River Basketry: Gift of the Ancestors, Gift of the Earth: signed, with linoleum cuts, printed on occasion of reading by author, co-sponsored by Elliott Bay and Wessel & Lieberman ($20, 1 of 50 copies, Grey Spider Press, 1994)

“Anasazi” by Gary Snyder: 8″ x 12″ printed for the Winter Solstice ($45, 1 of 406 copies, Yes! Press, 1971)

“Bookstore” by William Stafford: 15″ x 10″ printed in commemoration of Elliott Bay’s 30th anniversary, June 2003 ($15, 1 of 300 copies, Grey Spider Press)

“Paradise” by Cole Swensen: signed & numbered, printed for Small Press Distribution’s Open House, December 2004 ($10, #13 of 50, Elka Weber/Eucalyptus Press)

“Vermeer” by Tomas Tranströmer, translated by Samuel Charters: printed for poet’s visit to the U.S., April 1988 ($20, John McBride/Oyez Press)

“Inflation” by Lew Welch: 11″ x 5″ with one deckle edge ($35, Yes! Press, 1970)

“I Sometimes Talk to Kerouac When I Drive” by Lew Welch ($35, Yes! Press, 1971)

“I’m Just Writing” by Michael Wiater: folded once, in printed envelope ($15, Yes! Press, 1971)

* * *


Auguries of Innocence by William Blake, with wood engravings by Leonard Baskin ($17.50 cloth in slipcase, Grossman, 1968)

Here at Eagle Pond by Donald Hall, with illustrations by Thomas W. Nason ($12.50 cloth in slipcase, Ticknor & Fields, 1st edition, 1990)

The Iliad of Homer translated by Richard Lattimore, with drawings by Leonard Baskin ($49.50 cloth, University of Chicago, 1st illustrated edition, 1962)

Crow by Ted Hughes, with drawings by Leonard Baskin ($45 cloth, Harper & Row, 1st U.S. edition & printing, 1971)

Selected Poems 1957–1967 by Ted Hughes, with drawings by Leonard Baskin ($16.50 cloth, Harper & Row, 1st U.S. edition, 1972)

The Santa Cruz Mountain Poems by Morton Marcus, with drawings by Gary H. Brown ($12.50 paper, Capra Press, 1972)

On the Slain Collegians: Selections from the Poems of Herman Melville edited, and with woodcuts, by Antonio Frasconi ($27.50 cloth, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1971, signed & numbered by artist/editor, #280 of 1000)

Redwood Haiku & Other Poems by Lew Welch, with cover drawing by Magda Cregg ($100 chap, Cranium Press, 1972)

* * *

In Praise of Boys: Moorish Poems from Al-Andalus translated by Erskine Lane ($27.50 chap, Gay Sunshine Press, 1975)