Neat Little Sampling

Right around the holidays, we had occasion to purchase some very cool pamphlets, chaps, and journals, and one book. All from the ’60s and ’70s. A few really/rather rare. Hope you like what you see.

As always, please do call or write with inquiries. And if you’re in, ask to be pointed in the right direction, as the slim and spineless often can be hard to find.

* * *

This Is What You Wanted, Isn’t It? by Douglas Blazek, with collages by the author ($18.50 chap; AugTwoFive/Abyss; Watertown, MA; 1970)

Sketches for 13 Sonnets by Gerard Boar ($10 chap; Oyez; Berkeley; 1969)

Krazy Kat/The Unveiling and other stories from 1951–1968 by Fielding Dawson ($10.50 paperback, 1st printing; Black Sparrow Press; Los Angeles; 1969)

Meditation Seeds by Thomas Fitzsimmons ($4.50 chap; Stone-Marrow Press/James Bertolino; Berkeley; 1970)

“The Beginning of Sunny Dawn” & “Red Lady”: two stories by d.a. levy, with cover drawing by Douglas Blazek ($50 chap; Open Skull Press; San Francisco; 1969)

Stone Sarcophagus: “Tune in Today for Tomorrow’s Episode” by d.a. levy ($30 pamphlet; RADICAL AMERICA #1; Madison, WI; ca.1969)

Beyond Love by George Stanley ($10 chap; Open Space/Dariel Press; San Francisco; 1968)

* * *

Ampoule: A Film With…James Bertolino, Douglas Blazek, R.P. Dickey, Richard Latta, John Matthias, Victoria McCabe, Jon Palmer, & Terry Stokes ($13.50 pamphlet; Cat’s Pajamas Press; 1970)

Beyond Baroque 702: Naissance—prose & poetry for the 70’s / Vol. 1, No. 4 ($10 journal; Venice, CA; 1971; featuring Lyn Hejinian, Steve Russo, Thomas Fitzsimmons, Paul Vangelisti, & others)

Dust 12: Vol. III, No. 4 / Spring 1969 ($24.50 journal; Paradise, CA; d.a. levy [1942–1968] memorial issue, including an interview & his poetry, along with others’ work)

Hollow Orange #5 / HO5 ($8.50 journal; Cranium Press; San Francisco; 1968; featuring Bill Bathurst, Stephen Vincent, Don Gray, Woody Haut, Sue Diridoni, Zoltan Farkas, Peter Wild, Stanley Cooperman, Robert King, & Clifford Burke)

NEW: American & Canadian Poetry, No. 5 / Dec. 1967 ($9.50 journal; Trumansburg, NY; featuring poetry by, among others, Lyn Lifshin & Dick Lourie, as well as reviews of Charles Simic [What the Grass Says], Donald Justice [Night Light], & Robert Bly [The Light Around the Body])

NEW: American & Canadian Poetry, No. 6 / April 1968 ($9.50 journal; Trumansburg, NY; featuring poetry by, among others, Greg Kuzma & Marge Piercy, as well as two reviews of W.S. Merwin’s The Lice)

The San Francisco EARTHQUAKE: Vol. 1, No. 4 / Summer & Fall 1968 ($13.50 journal, featuring Allen Ginsberg, Richard Kostelanetz, Ed Sanders, William S. Burroughs, & others)

The San Francisco EARTHQUAKE: Vol. 1, No. 2 / Winter 1968 ($13.50 journal, featuring Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Herbert Huncke, Douglas Blazek, William S. Burroughs, Michael McClure, Frank O’Hara, & others)

Six Poets: Al Masarik, Lyn Lifshin, John Thomas, Ronald Koertge, Joel Deutsch, & Ann Menebroker, with drawings by Charles Bukowski ($25 journal; Vagabond Press; Ellensburg, WA; 1973)

Z: An Anthology of Revolutionary Poetry edited by Dan Georgakas ($75 journal; Smyrna Press; NY, NY; 1968; featuring Diane di Prima, Dudley Randall, Charles Bukowski, Le Roi Jones, Sonia Sanchez, Harold Norse, Russell Edson, Dick Lourie, Etheridge Knight, Yannis Ritsos, Ho Chi Minh, & an anonymous Chinese guerilla, among many others)