New Releases: January–June 2018

1/1 Complete Poems Salvatore Quasimodo Carcanet
1/1 Daybed Zach Savich Black Ocean
1/1 Indictus Natalie Eilbert Noemi
1/1 Silver Road: Essays, Maps & Calligraphies Kazim Ali Tupelo
1/1 Extra Hidden Life, among the Days Brenda Hillman Wesleyan
1/2 Cinder: New & Selected Poems Susan Stewart Graywolf
1/2 Luxury Philip Schultz W. W. Norton
1/3 Black Bone: 25 Years of the Affrilachian Poets ed. Bianca Lynne Spriggs & Jeremy Paden Kentucky
1/9 What Replaces Us When We Go Julie Doxsee Black Ocean
1/9 Pray Me Stay Eager Ellen Watson Alice James Books
1/9 The Cataracts Raymond McDaniel Coffee House
1/10 Senses of Style: Poetry before Interpretation Jeff Dolven University of Chicago
1/16 Recomposing Ecopoetics Lynn Keller University of Virginia
1/23 Wayfarers Katrinka Moore Pelekinesis
1/23 Take Me With You Andrea Gibson Plume
1/23 Wild Is the Wind Carl Phillips FSG
1/23 Falling Ill: Last Poems C. K. Williams FSG
1/23 Poems from the Book of Hours Rainer Maria Rilke / tr. Babette Deutsch New Directions
1/26 Crossing Borders: Stories & Essays about Translation Lynne Schwartz Seven Stories
1/28 Drafts, Fragments & Poems: The Complete Poetry Joan Murray NYRB
1/29 Formality of the Page Tobias Roberts Dalkey Archive
1/30 Wayside Sang Cecily Nicholson Talonbooks
2/1 Ghost Of Diana Khoi Nguyen Omnidawn
2/1 Don’t Let Them See Me Like This Jasmine Gibson Nightboat
2/1 Radioapocrypha BK Fischer Ohio State
2/1 The Book of the Dead Muriel Rukeyser West Virginia University
2/1 PRE- Barbara Tomash Black Radish
2/1 Leprosarium Lise Goett Tupelo
2/1 Heart of the Rat: An Anthology ed. Christopher Howell Willow Springs
2/1 Promises Ray Amorosi Lynx House
2/1 The Cartographer’s Melancholy David Axelrod Lynx House
2/5 Approaching the Fields Chanda Feldman Louisiana State University
2/6 Virgin Analicia Sotelo Milkweed
2/6 House of Fact, House of Ruin Tom Sleigh Graywolf
2/12 Druthers Jennifer Moxley Flood Editions
2/12 An Introduction to Chinese Poetry: From the Canon of Poetry to the Lyrics of the Song Dynasty Michael Fuller Harvard
2/13 Voices in the Air: Poems for Listeners Naomi Shihab Nye Greenwillow
2/13 The Kiss: Intimacies from Writers ed. Brian Turner W. W. Norton
2/13 Big Windows Lauren Moseley Carnegie
2/13 Black Sea David Yezzi Carnegie
2/13 World without Finishing Peter Cooley Carnegie
2/13 End of Spectacle Virginia Konchan Carnegie
2/15 Paracritical Hinge: Essays, Talks, Notes, Interviews Nathaniel Mackey University of Iowa
2/15 On Life, Death & This & That of the Rest: Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics Urs Widmer Seagull
2/15 Woman Prime Gail C. DiMaggio University of Alaska
2/15 Self-Portrait of an Other: Dreams of the Island & the Old City Cees Nooteboom / ill. Max Neumann / tr. David Colmer Seagull
2/15 Rain Scald Tacey M. Atsitty University of New Mexico
2/15 A Song of Dismantling Fernando Pérez University of New Mexico
2/19 Tramp Joelle Biele Louisiana State University
2/20 Bright Raft in the Afterweather Jennifer Elise Foerster University of Arizona
2/20 The Undressing Li-Young Lee W. W. Norton
2/20 A Love Song, a Death Rattle, a Battle Cry Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre Button
2/20 Juana I Ana Arzoumanian Kenning Editions
2/26 Claude before Time & Space Claudia Emerson Louisiana State University
2/27 The Real Horse Farid Matuk University of Arizona
2/27 The Möbius Strip Club of Grief Bianca Stone Tin House
2/27 Cat Poems ed. Tynan Kogane New Directions
2/27 The Poems of Octavio Paz ed. Eliot Weinberger New Directions
2/27 Falling Awake Alice Oswald W. W. Norton
2/27 Greetings from Angelus Gershom Scholem Archipelago
2/28 Barefoot Hart Notre Dame
2/28 Someone Shot My Book Julie Carr University of Michigan
3/1 YEAH NO Jane Gregory Song Cave
3/1 The Blueness of the Evening: Selected Poems of Hassan Najmi tr. Mbarek Sryfi & Eric Sellin University of Arkansas
3/1 Ya Te Veo P. Scott Cunningham University of Arkansas
3/1 Walking with Eve in the Loved City Roy Bentley University of Arkansas
3/1 Narcissus Americana Travis Mossotti University of Arkansas
3/1 How to Live, What to Do: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Wallace Stevens Joan Richardson University of Iowa
3/1 A Full Cone Miles Champion Carcanet
3/1 Blotter Oli Hazzard Carcanet
3/1 Shrines of Upper Austria Phoebe Power Carcanet
3/1 Unearthly Toys: Poems & Masks Ned Denny Carcanet
3/1 Out of Speech Adam Vines Louisiana State University
3/1 Regular Haunts: New & Previous Poems Gerald Costanzo University of Nebraska
3/1 Stray Bernard Farai Matambo University of Nebraska
3/1 Corazón Yesika Salgado Not a Cult
3/1 Soap for the Dogs Stacey Tran Gramma
3/1 How He Loved Them Kevin Prufer Four Way
3/1 Light Wind Light Light Bin Ramke Omnidawn
3/1 Inquisition Kazim Ali Wesleyan
3/1 Rest Margaree Little Four Way
3/1 Surge Etel Adnan Nightboat
3/2 Consent Not to Be a Single Being: Stolen Life Fred Moten Duke
3/6 A Little Book on Form Robert Hass Ecco
3/6 Registers of Illuminated Villages Tarfia Faizullah Graywolf
3/6 Wonderland Matthew Dickman W. W. Norton
3/6 Nothing Is Okay Rachel Wiley Button
3/6 House of McQueen Valerie Wallace Four Way
3/6 Camp Marmalade Wayne Koestenbaum Nightboat
3/6 The Trailhead Kerri Webster Wesleyan
3/6 Beauty Refracted Carol Moldaw Four Way
3/6 The Explosive Expert’s Wife Shara Lessley University of Wisconsin
3/6 The Golden Coin Alan Feldman University of Wisconsin
3/6 Interrogation Room Jennifer Kwon Dobbs White pine
3/6 We, Day by Day Jin Eun-Young / tr. YoungShil Ji & Daniel T. Parker White Pine
3/7 Requiem & Poem without a Hero Anna Akhmatova / tr. D.M. Thomas Swallow
3/8 Losers Dream On Mark Halliday University of Chicago
3/9 M Archive: After the End of the World Alexis Pauline Gumbs Duke
3/9 Consent Not to Be a Single Being: The Universal Machine Fred Moten Duke
3/12 What We Did while We Made More Guns Dorothy Barresi University of Pittsburgh
3/12 Bird Odyssey Barbara Hamby University of Pittsburgh
3/12 The Wall Ilan Stavans University of Pittsburgh
3/12 Dean of Discipline Michael Waters University of Pittsburgh
3/12 Cape Verdean Blues Shauna Barbosa University of Pittsburgh
3/12 The Black Bear Inside Me Robin Becker University of Pittsburgh
3/12 Lake Michigan Daniel Borzutzky University of Pittsburgh
3/13 Women of Resistance: Poems for a New Feminism ed. Danielle Barnhart & Iris Mahan OR Books
3/13 Neapolitan Chronicles Anna Ortese New Vessel
3/13 Post Traumatic Hood Disorder David Tomas Martinez Sarabande
3/13 Breakbeat Poets Vol. 2: Black Girl Magic ed. Jamila Woods, Mahogany L. Browne & Idrissa Simmonds Haymarket
3/13 All Our Wild Wonder Sarah Kay Hachette
3/13 Have Dog, Will Travel: A Poet’s Journey Stephen Kuusisto Simon & Schuster
3/13 The Cold & the Rust Emily Van Kley Persea
3/13 Dying in the Scarecrow’s Arms Mitchell L. H. Douglas Persea
3/13 Night unto Night Martha Collins Milkweed
3/13 Another City David Keplinger Milkweed
3/13 Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance Fady Joudah Milkweed
3/13 Works & Days Hesiod / tr. A. E. Stallings Penguin
3/14 Search & Rescue Michael Chitwood Louisiana State University
3/15 Thick of It Ulrike Almut Sandig / tr. Karen Leeder Seagull
3/15 Loss Sings James Montgomery Sylph Editions
3/15 Just Between Us David McElroy University of Alaska
3/15 Ecopoetics: Essays in the Field ed. Angela Hume & Gillian Osborne University of Iowa
3/15 Naming the Dawn Abdourahman Waberi / tr. Nancy Naomi Carlson Seagull
3/15 Under the Aleppo Sun Alice Attie Seagull
3/15 Next Line, Please: Prompts to Inspire Poets & Writers ed. David Lehman, Angela Ball & Robert Wilson Cornell
3/15 I Think I’m Ready to See Frank Ocean Shayla Lawson Saturnalia
3/15 Live at the Bitter End Ed Pavlić Saturnalia
3/17 Girl with Death Mask Jennifer Givhan Indiana University
3/19 Reading Philosophy, Writing Poetry: Intertextual Modes or Making Meaning in Early Medieval China Wendy Swartz Harvard
3/20 Godsong: A Verse Translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, with Commentary Amit Majmudar Knopf
3/20 Dothead Amit Majmudar Knopf
3/20 Hello. It Doesn’t Matter. Derrick C. Brown Write Bloody
3/20 How to Love the Empty Air Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz Write Bloody
3/20 We Play a Game Duy Doan Yale
3/22 Recalculating Charles Bernstein University of Chicago
3/22 Transmission Loss Chelsea Jennings University of Massachusetts
3/23 I Would Lie to You if I Could: Interviews with Ten American Poets ed. Chard deNiord University of Pittsburgh
3/24 You Are the Phenomenology Timothy O’Keefe University of Massachusetts
3/25 Future Perfect Charles Martin Johns Hopkins
3/27 The Beekeeper: Saving the Stolen Women of Iraq Dunya Mikhail New Directions
3/27 Dreampad Jeff Latosik McClelland & Stewart
3/27 I left nothing inside on purpose Stevie Howell McClelland & Stewart
3/27 Sonnet’s Shakespeare Sonnet L’Abbe McClelland & Stewart
3/27 Hawk of the Mind: Collected Poems Yang Mu / ed. Michelle Yeh Columbia University
3/27 Speech/Acts Harryette Mullen, Fred Moten, Morgan Parker, Meg Onli & Simone White Institute of Contemporary Art
3/28 The Odyssey: A New Translation Homer / tr. Peter Green University of California
4/1 Bijoux in the Dark John Yau Letter Machine
4/1 Rough Breathing: Selected Poems Harry Gilonis Carcanet
4/1 The Radio Leontia Flynn Wake Forest
4/1 Standing in the Flock of Connections Heather Cadsby Brick
4/1 Reckon Steve Mcormond Brick
4/1 What Kind of Man Are You Degan Davis Brick
4/1 What Does Not Return Tami Haaland Lost Horse
4/1 Post and Rail Erica Funkhouser Lost Horse
4/1 Caribou Thomas Mitchell Lost Horse
4/2 Open Your Mouth Like a Bell Mindy Nettifee Write Bloody
4/2 In the Pockets of Small Gods Anis Mojgani Write Bloody
4/3 Of Such a Nature / Índole José Kozer / tr. Peter Boyle University of Alabama
4/3 DiVida Monica Hand Alice James Books
4/3 Fast Jorie Graham Ecco
4/3 Eye Level Jenny Xie Graywolf
4/3 Wade in the Water Tracy K. Smith Graywolf
4/3 Book of Ephraim James Merrill Knopf
4/3 Blue Rose Carol Muske-Dukes Penguin
4/3 Night School Carl Dennis Penguin
4/3 The Last Shift Philip Levine Knopf
4/3 The Future Neil Hilborn Button
4/3 Subterranean Richard Greenfield Omnidawn
4/3 Strata Ewa Chrusciel Omnidawn
4/3 Oil Spell Claire Marie Stancek Omnidawn
4/3 Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color ed. Christopher Soto Nightboat
4/3 Suelo Tide Cement Christina Vega-Westhoff Nightboat
4/3 The Drunkards LM Rivera Omnidawn
4/3 Some Animal Ely Shipley Nightboat
4/3 We, the Almighty Fires Anna Rose Welch Alice James Books
4/3 Splitting the Moon Joel Hayward Kube
4/3 Destruction of Man Abraham Smith Third Man
4/3 MILK Dorothea Lasky Wave
4/3 Orlando Sandra Simonds Wave
4/3 Experience in Groups Geoffrey G. O’Brien Wave
4/3 Body & Glass Rodney Koeneke Wave
4/4 Hothead Stephen Cushman Louisiana State University
4/4 This Little Art Kate Briggs Fitzcarraldo
4/9 Strange Footing: Poetic Form & Dance in the Late Middle Ages Seeta Chaganti University of Chicago
4/10 Interruptions: The Fragmentary Aesthetic in Modern Literature Gerald L. Bruns University of Alabama
4/10 Not Here Hieu Minh Nguyen Coffee House Press
4/10 Cenzontle Marcelo Hernandez Castillo BOA
4/10 Oceanic Aimee Nezhukumatathil Copper Canyon
4/10 The Second O of Sorrow Sean Thomas Dougherty BOA
4/10 Last Troubadour: New & Selected Poems David St. John Ecco
4/10 Something Bright, Then Holes Maggie Nelson Soft Skull
4/10 New-Generation African Poets: A Chapbook Box Set (Tano) ed. Kwame Dawes & Chris Abani Akashic
4/10 Invisible Gifts Maw Shein Win Manic D
4/10 Otherworld, Underworld, Prayer Porch David Bottoms Copper Canyon
4/15 The Fix Lisa Wells University of Iowa
4/15 High Ground Coward Alicia Mountain University of Iowa
4/15 Pardon My Heart Marcus Jackson Triquarterly
4/15 Cruel Futures Carmen Giménez Smith City Lights
4/15 Monk’s Eye Cees Nooteboom / tr. David Colmer Seagull
4/15 Curious Disciplines: Mina Loy & Avante-Garde Artisthood Sarah Hayden University of New Mexico
4/17 Terrible Blooms Melissa Stein Copper Canyon
4/17 A Generous Latitude Lenea Grace ECW
4/17 The Best Minds of My Generation: A Literary History of the Beats Allen Ginsberg Grove
4/17 Brown Kevin Young Knopf
4/17 Dream of Reason Jenny George Copper Canyon
4/17 Floral Mutter Ya Shi / tr. Nick Admussen Zephyr
4/18 Eon T. R. Hummer Louisiana State University
4/20 The Book Amaranth Borsuk MIT Press
4/24 Rail Kai Carlson-Wee BOA
4/24 Kindest Regards: New & Selected Poems Ted Kooser Copper Canyon
4/24 Lances All Alike Suzanne Zelazo Coach House
4/24 Another Way to Play: Poems 1960-2017 Michael Lally Seven Stories
4/24 Negative Space Luljeta Lleshanaku / tr. Ani Gjika New Directions
4/24 A Distant Center Ha Jin Copper Canyon
4/24 Night Became Years Jason Stefanik Coach House
4/24 Anatomic Adam Dickinson Coach House
4/30 Palominos Near Tuba City: New & Selected Poems Denise Sweet Holy Cow
4/30 Words on Edge Michael Leong Black Square Editions
5/1 Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks & a Girl Diane Seuss Graywolf
5/1 English Boat Donald Revell Alice James Books
5/1 The Multiverse Andrew Wynn Owen Carcanet
5/1 Venus as a Bear Vahni Capildeo Carcanet
5/1 A Dog Runs through It Linda Pastan W. W. Norton
5/1 Orexia Lisa Russ Spaar Persea
5/1 A Year from Today Stacy Szymaszek Nightboat
5/1 Vigilance Is No Orchard Hazel White Nightboat
5/1 But It’s a Long Way Frédérique Guétat-Liviani / tr. Nathanaël Nightboat
5/1 An Essay on Man Alexander Pope Princeton
5/1 Robert Duncan & the Pragmatist Sublime James Maynard University of New Mexico
5/1 Excess—The Factory Leslie Kaplan / tr. Julie Carr and Jennifer Pap Commune
5/1 The Lives of the Poems & Three Talks Joshua Beckman Wave
5/7 Dante: The Story of His Life Marco Santagata Belknap
5/8 Indecency Justin Phillip Reed Coffee House
5/8 Junk Tommy Pico Tin House Books
5/8 Tropic of Squalor Mary Karr Harper
5/8 Against Memoir: Complaints, Confessions & Criticism Michelle Tea Feminist Press
5/8 Aardvark to Axolotl: Pictures from My Grandfather’s Dictionary Karen Donovan Etruscan
5/14 The Ocean, the Bird & the Scholar: Essays on Poets & Poetry Helen Vendler Harvard
5/14 Nightingalelessness Graham Foust Flood
5/15 A Treasury of Rumi’s Wisdom ed. Muhammad Isa Waley Kube
5/15 First Mountain Zhang Er / tr. Joseph Donahue, with the author Zephyr
5/15 Mathematics of the Breath & the Way: On Writers & Writing Charles Bukowski City Lights
5/15 Counter-Wave: The Poetry of Rescue in the First World War ed. Paul O’Prey Unicorn Publishing
5/15 Poetry Matters: Neoliberalism, Affect & the Posthuman in Twenty-First Century North American Feminist Poetics Heather Milne University of Iowa
5/15 Stanley’s Girl Susan Eisenberg ILR/Cornell
5/15 Call Me When You Want to Talk about the Tombstones Cynthia Marie Hoffman Persea
5/15 A Certain Plume Henri Michaux / tr. Richard Sieburth NYRB
5/15 False Spring Darren Bifford Brick
5/15 The Caregiver Caroline Johnson Holy Cow
5/15 Fludde Peter Mishler Sarabande
5/20 Word of Mouth: Gossip & American Poetry Chad Bennett Johns Hopkins
5/22 4:30 Movie Donna Masini W. W. Norton
5/22 Songs from the Bottom of a Mine Shaft Jared Paul Button
5/29 Duets: Sonnets of Louise Labé & Guido Cavalcanti tr. Edward Byrne Talonbooks
5/29 The Red Wheelbarrow & Other Poems William Carlos Williams New Directions
5/29 Stay Doug Messerli Green Integer
5/30 Be With Forrest Gander New Directions
6/1 Arcimboldo’s Bulldog: New & Selected Poems Tim Liardet Carcanet
6/1 Now We Can Talk Openly about Men Martina Evans Carcanet
6/1 Selected Poems Nikos Engonopoulos / tr. David Connolly Harvard
6/5 Of Marriage Nicole Cooley Alice James Books
6/5 The Body Ghost Joseph Lease Coffee House
6/5 Scribbled in the Dark Charles Simic Ecco
6/5 Priest Turned Therapist Treats Fear of God Tony Hoagland Graywolf
6/5 William Gass Reader William H. Gass Knopf
6/5 Collected Poems Marie Ponsot Knopf
6/5 The Terrible: A Storyteller’s Memoir Yrsa Daley-Ward Penguin
6/5 Trickster Feminism Anne Waldman Penguin
6/5 The Border Kingdom D. Nurkse Knopf
6/5 Dismembered: Selected Poems, Stories & Essays Bruce Boone Nightboat
6/12 Why Poetry Matthew Zapruder Ecco
6/15 Atmospheric Embroidery Meena Alexander Triquarterly
6/15 Baghdad, Adieu: Selected Poems of Memory & Exile Salah Al Hamdani / tr. Sonia Alland Seagull
6/15 Gabriela Mistral’s Letters to Doris Dana ed. & tr. Velma García-Gorena University of New Mexico
6/19 American Sonnets for My Past & Future Assassin Terrance Hayes Penguin
6/19 Dickinson’s Nerves, Frost’s Woods: Poetry in the Shadow of the Past William Logan Columbia University
6/19 Aperture Jacek Dehnel / tr. Karen Kovacik Zephyr
6/19 Stranger on Earth Richard Jones Copper Canyon
6/22 Language between God & the Poets: Ma’na in the Eleventh Century Alexander Key University of California
6/26 Because Joshua Mensch W. W. Norton
6/26 The Shutters Ahmed Bouanani / tr. Emma Ramadan New Directions
6/26 If They Come for Us Fatimah Asghar One World
6/29 The Complete Cold Mountain: Poems of the Legendary Hermit Hanshan tr. Kazuaki Tanahashi & Peter Levitt Shambhala
6/30 Denise Levertov in Company: Essays by Her Students, Colleagues & Fellow Writers ed. Donna Krolik Hollenberg University of South Carolina