New Releases: June & July 2018


Yves Bonnefoy: Vol. I: Poems edited by John Naughton, Stephen Romer & Anthony Rudolf (Carcanet)
Partly: Selected Poems 1954-2016 by Jack Collom (Spuyten Duyvil)
Selected Poems by Nikos Engonopoulos, translated by David Connolly (Harvard)
Now We Can Talk Openly about Men by Martina Evans (Carcanet)
On Some HispanoLuso Miniaturists by Mark Faunlagui (1913 Press)
This Window Makes Me Feel by Robert Fitterman (Ugly Duckling)
The Hatch by Joe Fletcher (Brooklyn Arts)
The Little Sublime Comedy by John Gallas (Carcanet)
Arcimboldo’s Bulldog: New & Selected Poems by Tim Liardet (Carcanet)
For an Ineffable Metrics of the Desert by Mostafa Nissabouri, translated by Pierre Joris, Guy Bennett, Addie Leak & Teresa Villa-Ignacio  (Otis/Seismicity)
Dirt Eaters by Eliza Rotterman (Tupelo)
Mamasafari by Olja Savičević, translated by Andrea Jurjević (Diálogos/Lavender Ink)
Noontimes Won by Tristan Tzara, translated by Heather Green (Octopus)
Dear Angel of Death by Simone White (Ugly Duckling)
Lucy 72 by Ronaldo V. Wilson (1913 Press)


North American Stadiums by Grady Chambers (Milkweed)
Of Marriage by Nicole Cooley (Alice James Books)
The Terrible: A Storyteller’s Memoir by Yrsa Daley-Ward (Penguin)
The Body Ghost by Joseph Lease (Coffee House)
Priest Turned Therapist Treats Fear of God by Tony Hoagland (Graywolf)
Border Kingdom by D. Nurkse (Knopf)
Collected Poems by Marie Ponsot (Knopf)
Scribbled in the Dark by Charles Simic (Ecco)
Trickster Feminism by Anne Waldman (Penguin)


Dear Boy by Emily Berry (Faber)
Confessions of a Barefaced Woman by Allison Joseph (Red Hen)
Duets: Sonnets of Louis Labé & Guido Cavalcanti translated by Edward Byrne (Talonbooks)
Something Bright, Then Holes by Maggie Nelson (Soft Skull)
Why Poetry by Matthew Zapruder (Ecco)
The Wild Great Wall by Zhu Zhu, translated by Dong Li (Phoneme Media)


Atmospheric Embroidery by Meena Alexander (Triquarterly)
Baghdad, Adieu: Selected Poems of Memory & Exile by Salah Al Hamdani, translated by Sonia Alland (Seagull)
The Inside Room by Lisa Andrews (Indolent Books)
Flung Throne by Cody-Rose Clevidence (Ahsahta)
Rough Breathing: Selected Poems by Harry Gilonis (Carcanet)
Sons of Achilles by Nabila Lovelace (YesYes)
Rechelesse Pratticque by Karen Mac Cormack (Chax)
Gabriela Mistral’s Letters to Doris Dana edited & translated by Velma García-Gorena (University of New Mexico)
New Poetries VII: An Anthology edited by Michael Schmidt (Carcanet)
AAAA by Heidi Lynn Staples (Ahsahta)


American Sonnets for My Past & Future Assassin by Terrance Hayes (Penguin)
Housman Country: Into the Heart of England [with A Shropshire Lad by A. E. Housman] edited by Peter Parker (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
Stranger on Earth by Richard Jones (Copper Canyon)
Dickinson’s Nerves, Frosts Woods: Poetry in the Shadow of the Past by William Logan (Columbia University)


if wants to be the same as is: Essential Poems by David Bromige, edited by Jack Krick, Bob Perelman & Ron Silliman (New Star)


Language Between God & the Poets: Ma’na in the Eleventh Century by Alexander Key (University of California)


The Shutters by Ahmed Bouanani (New Directions)
Because: A Lyric Memoir by Joshua Mensch (Norton)


Sheep Machine by Vi Khi Nao (Black Sun Lit)


Dear Pilgrims by John F. Deane (Carcanet)
The White Silhouette by James Harpur (Carcanet)
All under One Roof by Evelyn Schlag, translated by Karen Leeder (Carcanet)


The Complete Cold Mountain: Poems of the Legendary Hermit Hanshan translated by Kazuaki Tanahashi & Peter Levitt (Shambhala)


Mantis by David Dowker (Chax)
Denise Levertov in Company: Essays by Her Students, Colleagues & Fellow Writers
edited by Donna Krolik Hollenberg (University of South Carolina)



Defense of the Idol by Omar Cáceres, translated by Mónica de la Torre (Ugly Duckling)
Shell Game
by Jordan Davis (Edge)
Woman in Red Anorak
 by Marc Harshman (Lynx House)
Born Again by Ivy Johnson (The Operating System)
The Problem of Time & Other Poems by Edmund Keeley (Greenhouse Review)
Levon Helm by Jason Morris (Ugly Duckling)
Millefiori by Omar Musa (Penguin Random House Australia)
Smudgy & Lossy by John Myers (Song Cave)
from by Jill Osier (Bull City)


Dante’s Purgatorio in verse translation by W. S. Merwin (Copper Canyon)
Brood by Kimiko Hahn (Sarabande)
Call Me When You Want to Talk about the Tombstones by Cynthia Marie Hoffman (Persea)
Soho by Richard Scott (Faber)
Southern Tongues Leave Us Shining by Mark Wagenaar (Red Hen)
Trickster Feminism by Anne Waldman (Penguin)
Mirror by Zhang Zao, translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Zephyr)


Fireworks by Jules Boykoff (Tinfish)


Dante in China by John Barr (Red Hen)
New Poets of Native Nations edited by Heid E. Erdrich (Graywolf)
Desert by David Hinton (Shambhala)
Rough Ground by Alix Anne Shaw (Etruscan)
New & Selected Poems of Cecilia Vicuña translated & edited by Rosa Alcalá (Kelsey Street)


Under the Aleppo Sun by Alice Attie (Seagull)
Monk’s Eye by Cees Nooteboom (Seagull)


The Analyst by Molly Peacock (Norton)


Autopsy by Donte Collins (Button)


A Miscellany (Revised) by E. E. Cummings (Liveright)
I Would Lie to You If I Could: Interviews with Ten American Poets by Chard deNiord (Pittsburgh)
After Ikkyū by Jim Harrison (Shambhala)
Some Say by Maureen McLane (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
Distant Mandate by Ange Mlinko (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
Eugene Onegin by Aleksandr Pushkin, translated by Vladimir Nabokov (Princeton)
Equipment for Living: On Poetry & Pop Music by Michael Robbins (Simon & Schuster)
A Memory of the Future by Elizabeth Spires (Norton)


A Full Cone by Miles Champion (Carcanet)


Days When I Hid My Corpse in a Cardboard Box: Selected Poems by Natalia Sui-hung Chan [aka, Lok Fung], translated by Eleanor Goodman (Zephyr)
Li Shangyin selected & translated by Chloe Garcia Roberts, with additional translations by A. C. Graham & Lucas Klein (New York Review of Books)
The Galloping Hour: French Poems by Alejandra Pizarnik (New Directions)
First Mountain by Zhang Er, translated by Joseph Donahue with the author (Zephyr)