New Releases: May 2018


The Lives of the Poems & Three Talks by Joshua Beckman (Wave)
Venus as a Bear by Vahni Capildeo (Carcanet)
The Canterbury Tales: Seventeen Tales & the General Prologue by Geoffrey Chaucer, edited by V. A. Kolve & Glending Olson (W. W. Norton)
Moon: Letters, Maps, Poems by Jennifer S. Cheng (Tarpaulin Sky)
Heart X-Rays: A Modern Epic Poem by Marcus Colasurdo (PM Press)
Untitled Series: Life as It Is by Norman Fischer (Talisman House)
but it’s a long way by Frédérique Guétat-Liviani, translated by Nathanaël (Nightboat)
Olympusville: Illustrated Poems by Ron Koertge (Red Hen)
Hillbilly Drug Baby by Jesse-Ray Lewis (Boutique of Quality)
National Park by Emily Liebowitz (Gramma)
SWOLE by Jerika Marchan (Futurepoem)
Honeybee by Trista Mateer (Central Avenue)
Robert Duncan & the Pragmatist Sublime by James Maynard (New Mexico)
The Multiverse by Andrew Wynn Owen (Carcanet)
A Dog Runs Through It by Linda Pastan (W. W. Norton)
An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope (Princeton)
Telephone: A Play by Ariana Reines (Wonder)
The English Boat by Donald Revell (Alice James)
Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks & a Girl by Diane Seuss (Graywolf)
Orexia by Liusa Russ Spaar (Persea)
Landia by Celina Su (Belladonna*)
A Year from Today by Stacy Szymaszek (Nightboat)
Vigilance Is No Orchard by Hazel White (Nightboat)
Invisible Gifts by Maw Shein Win (Manic D)


The Wages: A Novel by Fanny Howe (Pressed Wafer)


Dante: The Story of His Life by Marco Santagata, translated by Richard Dixon (Belknap/Harvard)


R E D by Chase Berggrun (Birds, LLC)
Aardvark to Axolotl by Karen Donovan (Etruscan)
Excess—The Factory by Leslie Kaplan, translated by Julie Carr & Jennifer Pap (Commune Editions)
Tropic of Squalor by Mary Karr (Harper)
small siren by Alexandra Mattraw (The Cultural Society)
Junk by Tommy Pico (Tin House)
That Which Comes After by Alexis Pope (Big Lucks)
Indecency by Justin Phillip Reed (Coffee House)
Cairn: New & Selected by Peggy Shumaker (Red Hen)
Against Memoir: Complaints, Confessions & Criticisms by Michelle Tea (Feminist Press)


The Book by Amaranth Borsuk (MIT)


The Brightest Thing in the World: 3 Lectures from the Institute of Failure by Matthew Goulish (Green Lantern)


Nightingalelessness by Graham Foust (Flood)
The Ocean, the Bird & the Scholar: Essays on Poets & Poetry by Helen Vendler (Harvard)


False Spring by Darren Bifford (Brick)
Acacia Road by Aaron Brown (Silverfish Review)
Mathematics of the Breath & the Way: On Writers & Writing by Charles Bukowski (City Lights)
The End of Chiraq: A Literary Mixtape edited by Kevin Coval & Javon Johnson (Northwestern)
Dark Horse by Kristina Marie Darling (C&R)
Stanley’s Girl by Susan Eisenberg (ILR/Cornell)
The Nonnets by Aaron Giovannone (BookThug)
After Morning Rain by Sam Hamill (Tiger Bark)
Call Me When You Want to Talk about the Tombstones by Cynthia Marie Hoffman (Persea)
A Certain Plume by Henri Michaux (New York Review of Books)
Poetry Matters: Neoliberalism, Affect & the Posthuman in Twenty-First Century North American Feminist Poetics by Heather Milne
Fludde by Peter Mishler (Sarabande)
The Blue Hill by Geoffrey O’Brien (Marsh Hawk)
Counter-Wave: The Poetry of Rescue in the First World War edited by Paul O’Prey (Unicorn)
Lemur by Andra Rotaru, translated by Florin Bican (Action)
Night Became Years by Jason Stefanik (Coach House)


She Lives There Still by Mary Leader (Shearsman)


Bone Willow by James Engelhardt (Boreal/Red Hen)
The Caregiver by Caroline Johnson (Holy Cow)
4:30 Movie by Donna Masini (W. W. Norton)
Speech/Acts by Fred Moten, Harryette Mullen, Morgan Parker, Meg Onli & Simone White (Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania)
Songs from the Bottom of a Mine Shaft by Jared Paul (Button)


The Red Wheelbarrow & Other Poems by William Carlos Williams (New Directions)


Be With by Forrest Gander (New Directions)