Rare Books: Revalued

As many of you may know, we house some rare finds—signed editions, first editions, limited editions—behind glass doors up near the till. What may be a mystery, though, even to us, is how long some of these books and chaps have been in our possession and how much they’re going for. Because of this, now seemed a good time to catalogue them, present them to you and all of the Web in a little detail, and ever so casually mention that many of them have been repriced (in your favor) since last you crossed paths, if indeed you had. Also worth noting is the fact that not everything you’ll see below is in the pricey range—some are encased simply for their marvelousness. Enjoy the browsing and drop us a line if anything strikes your fancy!

* * *

Poems by Diane Ackerman, Jody Bolz, & Nancy Steele ($35 chap, Stone-Marrow Press, 1973)

Dangerous Astronomy by Sherman Alexie ($55 chap, 1/750 copies, Limberlost Press, 2005)

In the Storm of Roses: Selected Poems by Ingeborg Bachmann ($45 hc, Princeton, 1986)

The Absent Father in Dumbo by Charles Bernstein ($47.50 chap, numbered #170 of 300, w/ erratum slip laid in, Zasterle Press, 1990)

Content’s Dream: Essays 1975–1984 by Charles Bernstein ($125 hc, signed & “lettered,” #29 of “26” [?!])

Love & Fame by John Berryman ($300 hc w/ slipcase, signed & numbered, #11 of 250, FSG, 1970)

In the Western Night: Collected Poems 1965–1990 by Frank Bidart ($94.50 hc, inscribed to James Snydal, FSG, 1990)

Glass, Irony and God by Anne Carson ($50 pb, 1st, New Directions, 1995, 2 copies available)

Nox by Anne Carson ($75 box, 1st, New Directions, 2010)

Mine: The One That Enters the Stories by Clark Coolidge ($75 pb, signed & numbered, #7 of 10, The Figures, 1982)

Quartz Hearts by Clark Coolidge ($240 pb, signed & lettered, copy “Y,” This, 1978)

Solution Passage: Poems 1978–1981 by Clark Coolidge ($145 hc, signed & numbered, #28 of 26 [?!], 1st, Sun & Moon Press, 1986)

Purgatorio: A New Verse Translation by W. S. Merwin ($65.50 hc, signed 1st, Knopf, 2000)

Sweet Machine by Mark Doty ($80 hc, signed 1st, Harper, 1998)

Slinger by Ed Dorn ($95 hc w/ parchment paper jacket, dated year of pub. & signed, 1st, Wingbow Press, 1975)

Ground Work: Before the War by Robert Duncan ($75 hc w/ slipcase, signed & numbered, #24 of 150, New Directions, 1984)

A Seventeenth Century Suite in homage to the Metaphysical Genius in English Poetry (1590–1690): being Imitations, Derivations & Variations upon Certain Conceits and Findings Made among Strong Lines by Robert Duncan ($85 chap, initialed & numbered, #239 of 250, 1973)

The Venice Poem by Robert Duncan ($35.50 chap, 1/500 copies, original Australian edition, Prism, 1975)

A Coney Island of the Mind: Poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti ($37.50 pb, signed, New Directions, 14th printing)

Her by Lawrence Ferlinghetti ($37.50 pb, signed, New Directions, 7th printing)

Howl and other poems by Allen Ginsberg ($150 pb, signed & dated [“Fairbanks 1972 April 9”], City Lights, 15th printing)

Wichita Vortex Sutra by Allen Ginsberg ($65 chap, 1st COYOTE printing, 1966, 1/500 copies)

To Eberhart from Ginsberg: A Letter About HOWL 1956 ($185 hc, numbered, signed by Ginsberg & Eberhart, #35 of 300, The Penmaen Press, 1976)

Firstborn by Louise Glück ($132.50 pb, signed 1st British ed., w/ original price sticker on back cover [£1.25], Anvil Press, 1969)

Wildly for Days by Eamon Grennan ($86.50 pb, inscribed & dated, Gallery Books, 1983)

After Ikkyu and Other Poems by Jim Harrison ($65 hc, 1st, Shambhala, 1996)

Oxota: A Short Russian Novel by Lyn Hejinian ($125 pb, signed & lettered 1st, copy “Q,” The Figures, 1991)

Wicker: A (Collaborative) Poem by Lyn Hejinian & Jack Collom ($18.50 chap, w/ erratum slip, Rodent Press, 1996)

Mercian Hymns by Geoffrey Hill ($80 pb, 1st ed., André Deutsch Limited, 1971)

Eclipse by Linda Hogan ($27.50 pb, 1st, UCLA, 1983)

Introduction to the World by Fanny Howe ($40 pb, inscribed to “Theodore at Brentano’s,” 1/600 copies, The Figures, 1986)

Pythagorean Silence by Susan Howe ($285 pb, Montemora, 1982)

Catalpa by Kenneth Irby ($68.50 pb w/ errata slip, sunning & stain to front cover, dated & inscribed to poet Leland Hickman [editor of Temblor], 1/450 copies, Tansy Press, 1977)

Delights & Shadows by Ted Kooser ($35 pb, 1st edition, predating receipt of Pulitzer Prize & issuance of the hardcover edition, no award sticker/stamp, Copper Canyon Press, 2004)

Poems of Emma Lazarus, Vol. I: Narrative, Lyric, and Dramatic ($95 hc, 2 vols., 1st ed., Houghton Mifflin, 1888)

Poems of Emma Lazarus, Vol. II: Jewish Poems: Translations ($95 hc, 2 vols., 1st ed., Houghton Mifflin, 1888)

Day by Day by Robert Lowell ($60 pb, uncorrected page proof w/ request for review laid in, FSG, 1977)

For the Union Dead by Robert Lowell ($134.50 hc, inscribed 3rd printing, FSG, 1964)

Moving by Bernadette Mayer ($90 stapled pb/chap, 1/700 copies, Angel Hair, 1971)

Satan Says by Sharon Olds ($85 pb, 1st printing, University of Pittsburgh, 1980)

A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver ($85 pb, signed 1st, Harcourt, 1994)

Charles Olson: The Special View of History edited & with an introduction by Ann Charters ($85 hc, Oyez, 1970, print run unknown [reputedly 1/500 copies])

Proprioception by Charles Olson ($13.50 chap, Four Seasons Foundation: Writing 6, 1965)

Of Being Numerous by George Oppen ($75 pb, 1st printing, New Directions, 1968)

Ta Hio: The Great Learning [Newly Rendered into the American Language] by Ezra Pound ($60 chap, University of Washington Book Store, 1928)

Errata 5uite by Joan Retallack ($38.50 pb, Edge Books, 1993)

A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far: Poems 1978–1981 by Adrienne Rich ($75 hc, signed 1st, Norton, 1981)

Save the World by Ariana Reines ($27.50 chap, Mal-O-Mar, 2010)

Say Uncle by Kay Ryan ($22.50 pb, 1st printing, Grove Press, 2000)

In the American Tree edited by Ron Silliman ($85 hc, 1st, National Poetry Foundation, 1986)

Paradise [being part of The Alphabet] by Ron Silliman ($75 hc, signed & numbered, #75 of 100, Burning Deck, 1985)

The Death of Cock Robin by W.D. Snodgrass, with paintings by DeLoss McGraw ($65 hc, 1st, University of Delaware, 1989)

Mountains and Rivers Without End by Gary Snyder ($80 hc, signed 1st, Counterpoint, 1996)

The Tale of Sunlight by Gary Soto ($90 hc, 1st, University of Pittsburgh, 1978)

Allegiances by William Stafford ($95 hc, inscribed & dated 1st, Harper & Row, 1970)

Someday, Maybe by William Stafford ($75 hc, inscribed 1st, Harper & Row, 1973)

Transport to Summer by Wallace Stevens ($125 hc, 1st, no dust jacket, Knopf, 1947)

Complete Thought by Barrett Watten ($28.50 chap, #364 of 450, Tuumba, 1982)

DECAY by Barrett Watten ($26.50 chap, 1/350 copies, This, 1977)

OPERA—WORKS by Barrett Watten ($85 stapled pb, dated year of pub. & inscribed, 1st, Big Sky, 1975)

radio day in Soma City by Barrett Watten ($185 chap, inscribed & numbered, #5 of 75, author’s first book, printed letterpress & self-published [University of Iowa], 1971)

Alla Breve Loving by C.D. Wright ($275 pb, one of an unstated limited edition, author’s first book, w/ barely visible 2″ clean slice on front cover along the spine, Mill Mountain Press, Seattle, 1976)

Steal Away by C.D. Wright ($85 hc, signed 1st w/ dust jacket, Copper Canyon Press, 2002)