Used Books: April 7, 2018

A slew of new additions just in time for National Poetry Month! Write or phone to let us know if anything catches your eye.

* * *

The Capture of Trieste by Tom Ahern ($8.50 pb, very good, Burning Deck/Windfall, 1978)

A Marvin Bell Reader: Selected Poetry & Prose ($12.50 pb, near fine, Middlebury/Bread Loaf, 1994)

Collected Poems 1957–1982 by Wendell Berry ($9.50 pb, North Point, 1984)

A Continuous Harmony: Essays Cultural & Agricultural by Wendell Berry ($6.50 pb, a few instances of underlining, otherwise clean, Harcourt Brace, 1972)

The Eight Stages of Translation by Robert Bly ($22.50 pb, signed, first thus, near fine, Ally Press, 1991)

The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster by Richard Brautigan ($6.50 pb, poor wraps but clean & bright interior, Delta, 1969)

In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan ($5.50 pb, first thus, poor wraps but clean interior, Delta, 1969)

Rommel Drives On Deep into Egypt by Richard Brautigan ($9.50 pb, first thus, good wraps, clean interior, Delta, 1970)

Fire Power by Chrystos ($9.50 pb, signed & w/ poet’s lipstick impression, Press Gang, 1995)

Not Vanishing by Chrystos ($7.50 pb, Press Gang, 1988)

Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen ($11.50 hc, very good+, Ecco, 2006)

Collected Prose by Robert Creeley ($10 pb, Dalkey Archive, 2001)

On the Way to the Island by David Ferry ($8.50 pb, very good+, Wesleyan, [third printing] 1968)

Kaddish and Other Poems 1958–1960 by Allen Ginsberg ($45 pb, signed & dated, some light staining to front & back covers, small chips to spine, previous owner to title page & dedication page, otherwise clean interior, City Lights, [eleventh printing] 1970)

Faithful and Virtuous Night by Louise Glück ($11.50 hc, very good+, FSG, 2014)

Waiting for the Paraclete by Lise Goett ($7.50 pb, first, near fine, Beacon, 2002)

animae by Sam Hamill ($11.50 pb, very good+, Copper Canyon Press, 1980)

Where Now: New & Selected Poems by Laura Kasischke ($16.50 hc, near fine, Copper Canyon Press, 2017)

Snake by Gary Lemons ($11.50 pb, signed, first, near fine, Red Hen, 2012)

The Poet in the World by Denise Levertov ($11.50 pb, first, very good+, New Directions, 1973)

The Sorrow Dance by Denise Levertov ($5.50 pb, three instances of spare notes, small stain to [inside] front cover, otherwise clean, New Directions, [third printing] 1965)

For Lizzie and Harriet by Robert Lowell ($10 pb, very good, Noonday, [third printing] 1975)

The Car That Brought You Here Still Runs: Revisiting the Northwest Towns of Richard Hugo by Frances McCue, with photographs by Mary Randlett ($16.50 hc, near fine, first, University of Washington, 2010)

Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry by Jacques Maritain, with cover by Alvin Lustig ($16.50 pb, scuff to spine, a few instances of underlining, otherwise clean, overall very good, Meridian, [thirteenth printing] 1968)

Garden Time by W. S. Merwin ($12.50 hc, first, near fine, Copper Canyon Press, 2016)

A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver ($9.50 pb, first, near fine, Harcourt Brace, 1994)

Death & Taxes by Dorothy Parker ($9.50 hc, very good w/poor d.j., Sun Dial, 1939)

Roman Poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini ($8.50 pb, first, good+, short tear at front bottom spine, clean throughout, City Lights, 1986)

Memoirs / Confieso que he vivido: Memorias by Pablo Neruda, translated by Hardie St. Martin ($5.50 pb, Penguin, 1978)

The Sea on Its Side / Mar inclinada by Ámbar Past ($22.50 pb, near fine, Post-Apollo, 1994)

Finding Them Gone: Visiting China’s Poets of the Past by Bill Porter/Red Pine ($11.50 pb, first, very good, Copper Canyon Press, 2016)

101 Different Ways of Playing Solitaire by Belle Randall ($11.50 pb, first, very good+, Pittsburgh, 1973)

Legendary Performance by Pattiann Rogers ($12.50 pb, Ion Books/Raccoon, 1987)

The Far Field by Theodore Roethke ($12.50 hc, first, very good, w/gift inscription to ffep, superficial scratch & short tear to bottom d.j., light sunning to spine, Doubleday, 1964)

Madness, Rack & Honey: Collected Lectures by Mary Ruefle ($11.50, superficial sticker tear to back cover, otherwise clean & tight, Wave, 2012)

Trances of the Blast by Mary Ruefle ($11.50 hc, first, very good+, Wave, 2013)

Early Work, 1970–1979 by Patti Smith ($45 pb, inscribed, Norton, 1994)

Smoke’s Way: Poems from Limited Editions 1968–1981 by William Stafford ($35 hc, first, very good+, previous owner blacked out on ffep, otherwise clean, Graywolf, 1983)

The Selected Poems of Shuntarō Tanikawa translated by Harold Wright ($7.50 pb, sunning to borders of cover & spine, some notes & underlining from pp 7–22, rest clean, North Point, 1983)

Some They Can’t Contain by Buddy Wakefield ($5.50 chap, inscribed, self-printed, undated)

Collected Poems 1956–1976 by David Wagoner ($25 pb, inscribed, first thus, very good, w/small crease to back cover, Indiana, 1978)

Good Night, Willie Lee, I’ll See You in the Morning by Alice Walker ($8.50 pb, first thus, very good+, Harvest/HBJ, 1975)

Revolutionary Petunias & Other Poems by Alice Walker ($6.50 pb, very good, Harvest/HBJ, 1973)

Poetry & Mysticism by Colin Wilson ($11.50 pb, very good+, City Lights, [second printing] 1970)

Seasons of Mangoes & Brainfire by Carolyne Wright ($7.50 pb, first, Eastern Washington University/Lynx House, 2000)

The Silence That Remains: Selected Poems by Ghassan Zaqtan, translated and with a foreword by Fady Joudah ($9.50 pb, bilingual, as new, Copper Canyon Press, 2017)

* * *

Heiwa: Peace Poetry in English & Japanese edited by Jiro Nakano and Brien Hallett ($8.50 pb, clean throughout, University of Hawai’i, 1995)

The New American Poetry edited by Donald M. Allen ($14.50 pb, very good, Grove, [fifteenth printing] 1960)

Pinholes in the Night: Essential Poems from Latin America selected by Raúl Zurita ($10 pb, bilingual, first, very good+, Copper Canyon Press, 2014)

The Poetry Dictionary [Second Edition] by John Drury ($9.50 pb, Writer’s Digest, 2006)