Used Books: August 5, 2016

The days of summer are upon us . . . . And what better way to co-exist with heat than by browsing books at your local fan-cooled poetry shop? We’ve just added to our stock nearly 140 new and exciting used books and recordings, some of which you’ll find are rare and/or quite special. For those of that ilk, the specifics are given, but we’d be more than happy to provide finer details for any and all titles, should you want them. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or drop in at your leisure if things here are intriguing!


Poems: A Selection by Léonie Adams ($12.50 pb, 1st thus, Noonday, 1959)

Anxious Latitudes by Ralph Angel ($6.50 pb, signed 1st, w/a couple instances of underlining, Wesleyan, 1986)

Judea Capta by Samuel Appelbaum ($5.50 pb)

Next Life by Rae Armantrout ($18.50 hc, 1st, Wesleyan, 2007)

Versed by Rae Armantrout ($7.50 pb)

As We Know by John Ashbery ($18.50 pb, 1st, curling to covers, Penguin, 1979)

Flowers of Evil/Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire, translated by Geoffrey Wagner ($24.50 bilingual hc, 1st, light sunning to boards, no dust jacket, clean interior, New Directions, 1946)

The Portable Blake selected and arranged with an introduction by Alfred Kazin ($10 hc, 1st, no dust jacket, Viking, 1946)

Songs of Innocence & of Experience by William Blake, with an introduction by Ruthven Todd ($5.50 pb, black & white facsimile edition of original plates, The Falcon Press [London] & United Book Guild [New York], 1947)

Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience by William Blake ($1 Dover Thrift pb)

What the Woman Lived: Selected Letters of Louise Bogan 1920–1970 edited by Ruth Limmer ($8.50 hc, 2nd printing of 1st ed., Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973)

Dreamtigers by Jose Luis Borges, translated from El Hacedor (The Maker) by Mildred Boyer & Harold Morland, with woodcuts by Antonio Frasconi ($60 hc, 1st thus, very good+ w/very good dust jacket in mylar, no sunning to spine, clean interior, University of Texas, 1964)

100 Notes on Violence by Julie Carr ($8.50 pb)

C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems translated by Edmund Keeley & Philip Sherrard, edited by George Savidis ($7.50 pb, w/single hole-punch to back cover, Princeton)

The Collected Poems of Amy Clampitt ($10.50 pb, 1st, Knopf, 1999)

Corn Close by Robert Creeley ($13.50 chap, #212 of 250, The Sceptre Press, 1980)

Words by Robert Creeley ($12.50 hc, w/small tear (extremity), chipping, surface scratches, & sunning to dust jacket, clean interior, Scribners, 1967)

Selected Poems by Barbara Crooker ($12.50 pb, like new)

95 Poems by E. E. Cummings ($21.50 hc, 1st, w/chipped & torn dust jacket, price clipped, clean interior, Harcourt Brace & World, 1958)

E. E. Cummings: A Miscellany Revised edited, with an introduction & notes, by George J. Firmage, foreword by the author ($9.50 pb, w/rather crinkled back cover, 3rd printing [1967],  October House)

Potpourri by Fielding Dawson, edited by Tom Beckett ($15 corner-stapled magazine, including articles, letters & certificates of teacher appreciation from correctional facilities, drafts, & drawings, Way #1, 1995)

The Waste Land and Other Poems by T.S. Eliot ($2.50 Harvest pb, 1962)

Out of Danger by James Fenton ($6.50 pb)

Simeon by Donald Finkel ($6.50 pb, 1st, Atheneum, 1964)

In the Rose of Time: Poems 1931–1956 by Robert Fitzgerald ($20 hc, 1st, New Directions, 1956)

In Defiance of the Rains by Kathleen Fraser, with prints by Judy Starbuck ($20 pb, front paste-on cover label missing, w/some sunning & staining to wraps, Kayak, 1969)

Dance Script with Electric Ballerina by Alice Fulton ($6.50 pb, 1st, University of Pennsylvania, 1983)

Palladium by Alice Fulton ($6.50 pb)

Poetic Meter & Poetic Form [Revised Edition] by Paul Fussell ($22.50 pb)

Selected Poems by Federico García Lorca ($5.50 hc, no dust jacket, w/staining & sunning to boards, 2nd impression, Hogarth Press, 1946)

Iron Woman by Diane Glancy ($5.50 pb)

The Dream of the Unified Field: Selected Poems 1974–1994 by Jorie Graham ($7.50 pb, 1st, Ecco, 1995)

The Errancy by Jorie Graham ($6.50 pb, 1st, Ecco, 1998)

Place by Jorie Graham ($10.50 pb, inscribed 1st, Ecco, 2012)

Relations: New & Selected Poems by Eamon Grennan ($6.50 pb)

At the End of this Summer: Poems 1948–1954 by John Haines ($3.50 pb)

Twentieth Century Pleasures: Prose on Poetry by Robert Hass ($6.50 pb)

The Government of the Tongue: Selected Prose 1978–1987 by Seamus Heaney ($6.50 pb, w/some very minor underlining)

The Haw Lantern by Seamus Heaney ($5.50 pb, w/water stains to back cover, no Nobel Prize sticker, 1st Noonday edition, 1989)

The Redress of Poetry by Seamus Heaney ($8.50 pb, 1st Noonday edition, 1996)

Responsive Reading by Edward Hirsch ($11.50 pb, 1st, University of Michigan, 1999)

Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry by Jane Hirshfield ($4.50 pb, w/some notes & underlining)

Turns and Returns: Poems and Paintings by George Hitchcock ($6.50 pb, Philos Press, 2002)

The Triggering Town: Lectures and Essays on Poetry and Writing by Richard Hugo ($6.50 pb, early printing)

Letters to a Stranger by Thomas James ($250 uncorrected proofs, w/typed & signed letter from Cynthia W. Hooper to David Wagoner on Houghton Mifflin stationary, dated March 29, 1973, all in excellent condition, Houghton Mifflin, 1973)

No Other Book: Selected Essays by Randall Jarrell, edited & with an introduction by Brad Leithauser ($5.50 pb, w/some underlining & notes)

The Poet’s Handbook by Judson Jerome ($6.50 pb)

Collected Poems by James Joyce ($7.50 pb, 1st thus, Viking/Compass, 1957)

The Devil’s Tour by Mary Karr ($6.50 pb, 2nd printing [not print-on-demand])

To the Place of Trumpets by Brigit Pegeen Kelly, with foreword by James Merrill ($400 hc, 1st, very fine copy of her first book in very fine dust jacket, Vol. 83 of the Yale Series of Younger Poets, 1987)

An Introduction to Poetry [Second Edition] by X. J. Kennedy ($7.50 pb)

The Boat of Quiet Hours by Jane Kenyon ($5.50 pb)

Looking for Luck by Maxine Kumin ($5.50 pb)

Rooms and Sequences by Mike Ladd ($7.50 pb)

Hum by Ann Lauterbach ($6.50 pb)

Breathing the Water by Denise Levertov ($5.50 pb)

Collected Earlier Poems 1940–1960 by Denise Levertov ($6.50 pb, “4th”/5th printing)

A Door in the Hive by Denise Levertov ($15 hc, 1st, New Directions, 1989)

Light Up the Cave by Denise Levertov ($9.50 pb)

Poems 1960–1967 by Denise Levertov ($6.50 pb, 3rd printing, creased front cover)

Poems 1960–1967 by Denise Levertov ($7.50 pb, 4th printing)

New Selected Poems by Philip Levine ($29.50 hc, 1st, Knopf, 1991)

The Simple Truth by Philip Levine ($7.50 pb)

 Short Is the Time: Poems 1936–1943 by C. Day Lewis ($12.50 hc, 1st American, Oxford University Press, 1945)

Goat Dances by Ron Loewinsohn ($4.50 pb, 1st, Black Sparrow, 1976)

In the Millennium by Barry McKinnon ($6.50 pb)

Reflected Light: Poems on Paintings of Morris Graves by Tim McNulty ($12.50 letterpress chap, 1/165 copies, Tangram, 1990)

Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters ($2.50 Dover Thrift pb)

Shakespeare and Forgiveness by William Matchett ($10.50 pb, Fithian Press, 2002)

Heiligenanstalt by Friederike Mayröcker, translated from the German by Rosmarie Waldrop ($9.50 pb, Burning Deck, 1994)

with each clouded peak by Friederike Mayröcker, translated from the German by Rosmarie Waldrop & Harriett Watts ($25 pb, 1st, Sun & Moon, 1998)

Figures in a Landscape by Gail Mazur ($7.50 pb, 1st, University of Chicago, 2011)

Late Settings by James Merrill ($9.50 pb, 1st, Atheneum, 1985)

Striving Towards Being: The Letters of Thomas Merton and Czeslaw Milosz edited by Robert Faggen ($27.50 hc, 1st, FSG, 1997)

Finding the Islands by W.S. Merwin ($24.50 pb, 1st, North Point Press, 1982)

Possible Laughter by James Michie ($12.50 hc, 1st, Rupert Hart-Davis, 1959)

The Separate Notebooks by Czeslaw Milosz ($9.50 pb, 1st, Ecco, 1984)

The Butterfly of Dinard [prose] by Eugenio Montale, translated by G. Singh ($8.50 hc, University Press of Kentucky, 1971)

Moy Sand and Gravel by Paul Muldoon ($14.50 hc, 1st, FSG, 2002)

Mules by Paul Muldoon ($55 pb, 1st thus, near fine, Wake Forest, 1977)

Bluets by Maggie Nelson ($65 pb, signed 1st, near fine condition, Wave, 2009)

The Captain’s Verses by Pablo Neruda ($7.50 pb, early printing)

Different Ways to Pray by Naomi Shihab Nye ($24.50 pb, 5th printing of her first book, Breitenbush Publications, 1986)

Mint Snowball by Naomi Shihab Nye ($8.50 pb, 1st, Anhinga, 2001)

Red Suitcase by Naomi Shihab Nye ($6.50 pb)

What Holds Us Up by Naomi Shihab Nye ($250 folded booklet, one of 100 signed copies letterpress printed by Brooding Heron in celebration of the first Skagit Poetry Festival, 2000)

American Primitive by Mary Oliver ($6.50 pb)

Blue Pastures by Mary Oliver ($6.50 pb)

A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver ($6.50 pb)

Iterature by Eugene Ostashevsky ($6.50 pb, Ugly Duckling)

Conjunctions and Disjunctions by Octavio Paz ($9.50 hc, 1st, Richard Seaver/Viking, 1974)

The Sounds of Poetry: A Brief Guide by Robert Pinsky ($9.50 hc)

The End of the Alphabet by Claudia Rankine ($18.50 hc, 1st, Grove, 1998)

A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far: Poems 1978–1981 by Adrienne Rich ($2.50 early pb, w/staining to wraps & chipping to spine, clean interior)

By the Numbers by James Richardson ($7.50 pb)

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by M. D. Herter Norton ($65 hc, early printing [2nd?], dust jacket price clipped but in good+ condition, interior clean, Norton, 1934)

Thirty-one Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, In English Versions with an Introduction by Ludwig Lewisohn ($12.50 hc, 1st, fair bit of sunning to boards, no dust jacket, w/red paste-on cover label, The Beechhurst Press, 1946)

Flamingo Watching by Kay Ryan ($5.50 pb)

The Niagara River by Kay Ryan ($25 pb, 1st, Grove, 2005)

The Garden of Amazement: Scattered Gems after Sâeb adapted/collaged by Robin Magowan ($4.50 pb)

The Selected Poems of Tomaz Salamun edited by Charles Simic, with an introduction by Robert Hass ($20 hc, 1st, Ecco, 1988)

A Kiss in Space by Mary Jo Salter ($4.50 pb)

Failure by Philip Schultz ($4.50 pb)

The Best of Robert Service ($6.50 pb, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1940)

Love Poems and Sonnets of William Shakespeare illustrated in color by Vera Bock ($6.50 hc, Hanover House, 1957)

White by Charles Simic ($22.50 pb, 1st, New Rivers Press, 1972)

Trespasser by R.T. Smith ($6.50 pb, 1st, Louisiana State University, 1996)

To Sound Like Yourself: Essays on Poetry by W. D. Snodgrass ($10.50 pb)

Censored Poems by Marin Sorescu ($11.50 pb, 1st, Bloodaxe, 2001)

The Rescued Year by William Stafford ($9.50 pb, 4th printing, like new, Harper & Row, 1966)

In Mediterranean Air by Ann Stanford ($15.50 hc, 1st, Viking, 1977)

The Necessary Angel: Essays on Reality and the Imagination by Wallace Stevens ($6.50 pb, early printing)

Silhouettes by Arthur Symons ($27.50 hc, w/significantly sunned paper over thin but stiff paper boards & partially exposed spine, 1st American edition, 1 of 925 copies, Thomas B. Mosher, 1909)

View with a Grain of Sand: Selected Poems by Wislawa Szymborska ($6.50 pb)

Collected Poems by Dylan Thomas ($6.50 pb)

Mass for Hard Times by R.S. Thomas ($8.50 pb)

R.S. Thomas: Poems selected by Anthony Thwaite ($9.50 hc, Phoenix/Orion, 2002)

A Mantelpiece of Shells by Ruthven Todd ($20 hc, signed 1st, Bonacio & Saul, 1954)

Alternative Lives by Constance Urdang ($3.50 pb)

The George Washington Poems by Diane Wakoski, with photo of Marisol’s “The Generals” on front cover ($55 pb, 1st [single one-dollar bill on ffep], inscribed to David Wagoner & dated year of pub. [11 November 1967], w/poster for a reading by Maxine Kumin, John L’Heureux, & the author at the 92nd St. YM-YWHA in NYC, November 27)

The Arkansas Testament by Derek Walcott ($17.50 hc, 1st, FSG, 1987)

Severance Pay: Poems 1967–1969 by Philip Whalen ($15 pb, 1st, Four Seasons Foundation, 1970)

A Dream of Mind by C.K. Williams ($6.50 pb, 1st Noonday edition, 1993)

With Ignorance by C.K. Williams ($10.50 pb, 1st, Houghton Mifflin, 1977)

Time and the Tilting Earth by Miller Williams ($8.50 pb)

Paterson by William Carlos Williams ($20 hc, 1st printing thus [Book Five as of yet unpublished], w/slight stain to forematter & to pgs 111-12, no dust jacket, New Directions, 1946/8)

Paterson [Revised Edition] by William Carlos Williams, prepared by Christopher MacGowan ($95 hc, 1st, in very good condition w/good untorn, unsunned dust jacket, tiny dappled stains to top edge, clean interior, New Directions, 1992)

Selected Poems by William Carlos Williams ($7.50 pb)

Deepstep Come Shining by C.D. Wright ($8.50 pb, 1st)

Tremble by C.D. Wright ($150 hc, 1st, Ecco, 1996)

Appalachia by Charles Wright ($6.50 pb, 2nd printing [not print-on-demand])

Scar Tissue by Charles Wright ($16.50 hc, 1st, w/small pen marks to “Also by” pg, otherwise clean interior)

* * *

An Age Ago: A Selection of Nineteenth-Century Russian Poetry selected & translated by Alan Myers with a foreword & biographical notes by Joseph Brodsky, featuring Vasily Zhukovsky, Konstantin Batyushkov, Prince Peter Vyazemsky, Aleksandr Pushkin, Nikolai Yazykov, Mikhail Lermontov, Feodor Tyutchev, Aleksei Tolstoy, Nikolai Nekrasov, & Afanasy Fet ($5.50 pb, FSG, 1988)

An Exaltation of Forms: Contemporary Poets Celebrate the Diversity of Their Art edited by Annie Finch & Kathrine Varnes ($14.50 pb, w/3 pages containing underlining/notes)

The Classic Hundred Poems: All Time Favorites including poems of Wyatt, Sidney, Marlowe, Donne, Jonson, Herrick, Herbert, Marvell, Blake, Burns, Wordsworth, Coleridge, the Brownings, Poe, Tennyson, Arnold, Dickinson, Hardy, Hopkins, Yeats, Frost, Eliot, Owen, Auden, Roethke, Jarrell, and others, read by Alfred Corn, Rita Dove, Cornelius Eady, Jorie Graham, Eamon Grennan, Alice Guinn, Anthony Hecht, Maureen Howard, Richard Howard, Philip Levine, J.D. McClatchy, James Merrill, Paul Muldoon, Alastair Reid, and Maria Tucci ($3.50 four-cassette box set, w/index, missing slip case)

Ezra Pound: Translations [Enlarged Edition] ($6.50, 1st thus, New Directions, 1963)

Forays into Swedish Poetry [Bilingual Text Edition] by Lars Gustafsson, translated by Robert T. Rovinsky, featuring Skogekär Bergbo, Josef Julius Wecksell, August Strindberg, Bertil Malmberg, Tomas Tranströmer, Gunnar Ekelöf, Ola Hansson, Göran Printz-Påhlson, Georg Stiernhielm, Vilhelm Ekelund, Gunnar Björling, Erik Johan Stagnelius, Sandro Key-Åberg, Edith Södergran, & Erik Blomberg ($15.50 hc, University of Texas, 1978)

The Gift of Tongues: Twenty-Five Years of Poetry from Copper Canyon Press edited & with an introduction by Sam Hamill ($7.50 pb)

How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry by Edward Hirsch ($7.50 pb)

If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit by Brenda Ueland ($6.50 pb)

In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry including Walt Whitman, Gertrude Stein, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, Langston Hughes, William Stafford, Jack Kerouac, W.S. Merwin, James Wright, Maya Angelou, Derek Walcott, Sylvia Plath, Audre Lorde, Lucille Clifton, Charles Simic, Adrian C. Louis, Juan Felipe Herrera, Li-Young Lee, and many others ($20 four-CD box set, w/hardbound informational book/index)

The Knopf National Poetry Month Collection including readings of Anne Carson, Jack Gilbert, June Jordan, Donald Justice, Kenneth Koch, James Merrill, Frank O’Hara, Sharon Olds, Mark Strand, Franz Wright, and more, by the author and/or other poets ($7.50 one-hour CD)

Modern Chinese Poetry: An Introduction by Julia C. Lin ($5.50 pb, University of Washington, 1973)

Northwest Review: Thirty-Year Retrospective 1957–1987 featuring Anna Akhmatova, Antonin Artaud, Madeline DeFrees, Alan Dugan, Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Philip Levine, Federico García Lorca, Joyce Carol Oates, James Tate, Charles Wright, and many others ($6.50)

The Norton Anthology of Poetry [Third Edition] ($6.50 pb)

Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work (1888–2006) including Robert Browning, James Weldon Johnson, Carl Sandburg, H.D., Dorothy Parker, Stanley Kunitz, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Hayden, Muriel Rukeyser, John Berryman, Gwendolyn Brooks, Denise Levertov, Etheridge Knight, Vijay Seshadri, Suji Kwock Kim, Kevin Young, and many others ($27.50 four-CD box set in slipcase, w/index & essay book)

The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry: Contemporary Poets in Discussion and Practice edited by Gary L. McDowell & F. Daniel Rzicznek ($5.50 pb, w/ underlining)

Sappho’s Lyre: Archaic Lyric and Women Poets of Ancient Greece translated by Diane J. Rayor, with a  foreword by W.R. Johnson ($12.50 pb)

The Voice That Is Great within Us: American Poetry of the Twentieth Century edited by Hayden Carruth ($4.50 pb)

Yanagi #1, May 1974 featuring Michael McClure, Bill Berkson, David Meltzer, Fred Wah, Joanne Kyger, Duncan McNaughton, Ebbe Borregard, John Wieners, Dick Gallup, Michael Palmer, Ron Padgett, and others ($19.50 stapled journal, w/letter from editor Bill Barrett to David Wagoner, then editor of Poetry Northwest)