Used Books: December 8, 2016

The call has been answered! A marvelous stock of used books is proffered you below. A fair number are rarities, but a larger measure is of the more affordable ilk. And all exciting! So venture forth boldly. And please call or write with questions or requests, should you have them.


The Man Who Loves Salmon by Sherman Alexie ($75 chap, signed, handsewn & letterpress printed in two colors, 1/750 copies, Limberlost Press, 1998)

One Stick Song by Sherman Alexie ($9.50 pb, signed 1st, Hanging Loose, 2000)

And the Stars Were Shining by John Ashbery ($27.50 pb, 1st thus, inscribed, light curling to front edges, clean interior, Noonday, 1995)

As Umbrellas Follow Rain by John Ashbery ($40 hc, 1st, 1/1,000 copies, as new, Qua Books, 2001)

Beyond Amazement: New Essays on John Ashbery edited by David Lehman ($11.50 hc, 1st, w/ light penciling, Cornell University, 1980)

Collected French Translations: Poetry by John Ashbery, edited by Rosanne Wasserman and Eugene Richie ($10 hc, FSG, 2014)

Collected French Translations: Prose by John Ashbery, edited by Rosanne Wasserman and Eugene Richie ($10 hc, FSG, 2014)

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery ($60 hc, 1st, w/ half-inch tear to bottom & one-inch tear to top of dust jacket, else in good+ condition, clean interior, Viking, 1975)

Interlunar by Margaret Atwood ($11.50 pb, 1st, Oxford, 1984)

The Journals of Susanna Moodie: Poems & Collages by Margaret Atwood ($9.50 pb, Oxford, 1970)

Morning in the Burned House by Margaret Atwood ($24.50 hc, inscribed 1st US edition, Houghton Mifflin, 1995)

True Stories by Margaret Atwood ($11.50 pb, 1st, Oxford, 1981)

The Prolific and the Devourer by W. H. Auden, edited by Daniel Halpern ($30 hc, 1st, dust jacket price clipped, Antaeus #42 [Summer 1981] / Ecco)

What’s Your Idea of a Good Time?: Letters & Interviews 1977–1985 by Bill Berkson & Bernadette Mayer ($7.50 pb, 1st, Tuumba, 2006)

Blake’s Poetry and Designs [Second Edition] selected and edited by Mary Lynn Johnson and John E. Grant ($10.50 pb, Norton, 2008)

Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey: Poems 1991–1995 by Hayden Carruth ($7.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1996)

A New Path to the Waterfall by Raymond Carver ($12.50 hc, 1st, w/some underlining and circling, Atlantic Monthly, 1989)

Terra Firma by Thomas Centolella ($6.50 pb, 1st, signed, Copper Canyon, 1990)

The Dream Horse by Jerah Chadwick ($17.50 chap, signed & dated, handsewn & letterpress printed in three colors, 1/500 copies, The Seal Press, 1980)

how/now by Cid Corman, with an afterword by Andrew Schelling ($35 pb, 1st, signed by Corman on introduction page, inscribed on next, Spike / Cityful Press, 1995)

A Calendar: Twelve Poems by Robert Creeley, with title page illustration by Ann Mikolowski ($35 chap, signed & numbered, handsewn & letterpress printed in two colors, #353 of 600, Coffee House Press / Morning Coffee Chapbook Five, 1984)

Presences: A Text for Marisol by Robert Creeley & Marisol [Escobar] ($75 hc, 1st, signed by Creeley, very good condition, Scribner’s, 1976)

Robert Creeley’s Poetry: A Critical Introduction by Cynthia Dubin Edelberg ($35 hc, 1st, signed by Creeley, University of New Mexico, 1978)

Magpie on the Gallows by Madeline DeFrees ($9.50 pb, inscribed & dated 1st, Copper Canyon, 1982)

Notes on Thought and Vision and The Wise Sappho by H. D. / Hilda Doolittle, with an introduction by Albert Gelpi ($8.50 pb, 1st UK edition, w/some highlighting in introduction, else clean, Peter Owen Publishers, 1988)

The H. D. Book by Robert Duncan, edited and with an introduction by Michael Boughn and Victor Coleman ($25 hc, 1st, fine, with mylar over dust jacket, University of California, 2011)

How to Paint Sunlight: Lyric Poems & Others (1997–2000) by Lawrence Ferlinghetti ($30 hc, signed 1st, fine, New Directions, 2001)

The Populist Manifestos [plus an interview with Jean-Jacques Lebel] by Lawrence Ferlinghetti ($15 pb, 1st, w/ light penciling, Grey Fox Press, 1981)

The Street’s Kiss by Lawrence Ferlinghetti ($85 chap, signed, letterpress printed & handsewn, 1/750 copies, Limberlost Press, 1998)

Simulcast: Four Experiments in Criticism by Benjamin Friedlander ($14.50 pb, 1st, Alabama, 2004)

A Concert of Tenses: Essays on Poetry by Tess Gallagher ($10.50 pb, University of Michigan, [3rd printing] 1990)

…From Songs of a Grasshopper: Selected Poems, Paintings, and Prosems by Rajaa A. Gharbi ($8.50 pb, inscribed, Kehna, 2004)

The Collected Poems of Édouard Glissant translated by Jeff Humphries [with Melissa Manolas] ($10 hc, 1st, no dust jacket, University of Minnesota, 2005)

Gillnets by Samuel Green ($35 pb, inscribed 1st, Cold Mountain Press, 1978)

Boss Cupid by Thom Gunn ($23.50 hc, 1st, inscribed & dated year of pub., FSG, 2000)

My Sad Captains and Other Poems by Thom Gunn ($42.50 pb, inscribed & dated, 1st US, w/some chipping to spine & creases to covers but overall good condition, clean interior, University of Chicago, 1961)

Here at Eagle Pond by Donald Hall, with illustrations by Thomas W. Nason ($22.50 cloth in slipcase, inscribed & dated first, Ticknor & Fields, 1990)

Destination Zero: Poems 1970–1995 by Sam Hamill ($14.50 pb, 1st, signed, Copper Canyon, 1995)

A Dragon in the Clouds: Poems & Translations by Sam Hamill ($12.50, signed, Broken Moon, 1989)

The Nootka Rose by Sam Hamill ($17.50 hc, 1st, signed, Breitenbush Books, 1987)

A Poet’s Work: The Other Side of Poetry by Sam Hamill ($8.50 pb, Broken Moon, 1990)

The Spirit Level by Seamus Heaney ($15 hc, 1st US, fine, FSG, 1996)

Streaming by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke ($7.50 pb, Coffee House, 2014)

Lining Up by Richard Howard ($16.50 hc, 1st, Atheneum, 1984)

The Triggering Town: Lectures and Essays on Poetry and Writing by Richard Hugo ($6.50 pb, Norton, [reissue] 1992)

Star Ledger by Lynda Hull ($7.50 pb, Iowa, 1991)

The Other End of Love by Paul Hunter ($4 chap, inscribed & numbered [#79 of 312], handsewn & letterpress printed, Wood Works, 2004)

Pullman: A Songbook from aboard the Train by Paul Hunter ($14.50 hc, signed 1st, w/some tears to top edge of dust jacket, else fine, University of Washington, 1976)

People One Ought to Know: Nonsense Poems by Christopher Isherwood, illustrated by Sylvain Mangeot ($6.50 hc, Macmillan London, 1982)

Cawdor / Medea: A Long Poem after Euripides by Robinson Jeffers ($6.50 pb, 1st printing, good & clean, New Directions, 1970)

A Perfect Time by Richard Jones ($8.50 pb, signed, Copper Canyon, 1994)

Diary of One Who Vanished: A Song Cycle by Leoš Janáček of Poems by Ozef Kalda in a new version by Seamus Heaney ($4 pb, 1st US printing, FSG, 2000)

A Hundred White Daffodils: Essays, Interviews, The Akhmatova Translations, Newspaper Columns, and One Poem by Jane Kenyon ($8.50 pb, 1st, Graywolf, 2000)

Carolyn Kizer: Perspectives on Her Life & Work edited by Annie Finch, Johanna Keller, & Candace McClelland ($9.50 pb, 1st, fine, CavanKerry, 2001)

Midnight Was My Cry: New and Selected Poems by Carolyn Kizer ($6.50 hc, 1st, Doubleday, 1971)

Pro Femina by Carolyn Kizer ($8.50 chap, BkMk Press, 2000)

The Ungrateful Garden by Carolyn Kizer ($30 hc, signed 1st, Indiana University, 1961)

Yin by Carolyn Kizer ($12.50 hc, 1st, w/Pulitzer sticker, BOA, 1984)

The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets by Ted Kooser ($10.50 hc, Nebraska, 2005)

Erica I Want to Read You Something by Bernard Kops ($14.50 hc, 1st US, inscribed to David Wagoner, Walker & Co., 1968)

The Collected Poems of Philip Lamantia edited by Garrett Caples, Andrew Joron, and Nancy Joyce Peters, with a foreword by Lawrence Ferlinghetti ($28.50 hc, University of California, 2013)

Driving & Drinking: A Poem by David Lee, with drawings by Dana Wylder ($10.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1982)

My Town by David Lee ($12.50 pb, 1st, signed, Copper Canyon, 1995)

Rites of Ancient Ripening by Meridel LeSueur, with illustrations by Deborah LeSueur ($10.50 pb, inscribed, Vanilla Press, [2nd printing] 1976)

The Light of Invisible Bodies by Jeanne Lohmann ($4.50 pb, Fithian, 2003)

Minding the Muse: A Handbook for Painters, Composers, Writers, and Other Creators by Priscilla Long ($7.50 pb, Coffeetown, 2016)

Just Enough by Dennis Maloney ($4.50 pb, inscribed, Palisade, 2009)

In Time’s Rift / Im Zeitspalt by Ernst Meister, translated from the German by Graham Foust & Samuel Frederick ($16.50 hc, limited edition, w/half-inch tear to bottom of dust jacket, else near fine, Wave Books, 2012)

The First Four Books of Poems: A Mask for Janus, The Dancing Bears, Green with Beasts, & The Drunk in the Furnace by W.S. Merwin ($10.50 pb, 1st, fine, Copper Canyon, 2000)

Stroke by Stroke by Henri Michaux, translated from the French by Richard Sieburth ($6.50 pb, Archipelago, 2006)

The Witness of Poetry [The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures 1981–1982] by Czeslaw Milosz ($13.50 hc, 1st, w/one-inch tear to bottom of dust jacket & price clipped, Harvard, 1983)

Marianne Moore: The Cage and the Animal by Donald Hall ($12.50 hc, 1st, Pegasus / Western Publishing Co., 1970)

Beyond the Chainlink by Rusty Morrison ($6.50 pb, Ahsahta, 2014)

What the Ice Gets: Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition 1914–1916: A Poem by Melinda Mueller ($10.50 pb, inscribed 1st, Van West & Co., 2000)

Neruda and Vallejo: Selected Poems edited by Robert Bly, translated by Robert Bly, John Knoepfle, & James Wright ($8.50 pb, 1st, w/single note on pg 25 & previous owner to false title pg, else clean & good+, Seventies Press / Beacon, [2nd printing] 1972)

The Sea and the Bells by Pablo Neruda, translated by William O’Daly ($7.50 pb, 1st, Copper Canyon, 1988)

Still Another Day by Pablo Neruda, translated by William O’Daly ($7.50 pb, 1st, Copper Canyon, 1984)

Still Another Day by Pablo Neruda, translated by William O’Daly ($16.50 pb; 1st; inscribed by translator to fellow Copper Canyon co-founder, Sam Hamill; Copper Canyon; 1984)

The Yellow Heart by Pablo Neruda, translated by William O’Daly ($7.50 pb, 1st, Copper Canyon, 1990)

Thirst by Mary Oliver ($17.50 hc, 1st, Beacon, 2006)

Proprioception by Charles Olson ($14.50 stapled chap, very good condition, Four Seasons Foundation: Writing 6, 1965)

Selected Poems by Charles Olson, edited by Robert Creeley ($25 hc, 1st, fine, University of California, 1993)

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid by Michael Ondaatje ($12.50 pb, 1st thus, inscribed, Vintage, 1996)

The Late Romances by Eric Pankey ($11.50 hc, inscribed 1st, w/review slip laid in, Knopf, 1997)

The Bird Catcher by Marie Ponsot ($12.50 hc, 1st, w/unmarked postcard feat. excerpt from poem “Oceans,” Knopf, 1998)

Springing: New and Selected Poems by Maire Ponsot ($18.50 hc, signed 1st, fine, Knopf, 2002)

Finding Them Gone: Visiting China’s Poets of the Past by Bill Porter / Red Pine ($12.50 pb, fine, Copper Canyon, 2016)

Juicing: Words and Brushwork by Paul Reps ($9.50 pb, signed 1st thus, Anchor/Doubleday, 1978)

Poetry & Commitment: An Essay by Adrienne Rich, with an afterword by Mark Doty ($4 pb, Norton, 2007)

Mujeres de otras calles by Alicia Salinas ($3.50 pb, Spanish-language text, inscribed, Editorial Cuarto Propio, 1994)

Certainty by David Romtvedt ($5.50 pb, White Pine, 1996)

A Flower Whose Name I Do Not Know by David Romtvedt ($5.50 pb, inscribed, Copper Canyon, 1992)

Reasons for Going It on Foot by William Pitt Root ($12.50 pb, inscribed 1st, Atheneum, 1981)

The Crushing Organ by Dan Rosenberg ($7.50 pb, Dream Horse Press, 2012)

War Variations / Variazioni belliche by Amelia Rosselli, translated by Lucia Re & Paul Vangelisti, with an introduction by Lucia Re ($8.50 pb, bilingual, Otis Books/Seismicity Editions, 2016)

The Glance: Rumi’s Songs of Soul-Meeting translated by Coleman Barks [with Nevit Ergin] ($20 hc, 1st, signed by Barks, Viking/Arkana, 1999)

Stèles by Victor Segalen, translated and annotated by Timothy Billings and Christopher Bush ($14.50 pb, 1st, Wesleyan, 2007)

Angel, Interrupted by Reginald Shepherd ($7.50 pb, University of Pittsburgh, 1996)

Snow on Snow by Maura Stanton, with foreword by Stanley Kunitz ($6.50 pb, 1st, w/notes to six poems & underlining in front matter, Yale, 1975)

Mutual Shores by Phillip Sterling ($5.50 pb, inscribed, New Issues, 2000)

In the Dark by Ruth Stone ($13.50 hc, near fine review copy, Copper Canyon, 2004)

Middle Kingdom by Adrienne Su ($5.50 pb, inscribed 1st, w/ some penciling, Alice James, 1997)

Let’s Give War a Chance by Faiza Sultan, translated by Salmaan Kureemun ($5.50 pb, Darsafi, 2014)

Archipelago by Arthur Sze ($14.50 pb, signed 1st, Copper Canyon, 1995)

The Poems of Georg Trakl translated by Margitt Lehbert ($8.50 pb, Anvil, 2007)

Native Guard by Natasha Trethewey ($6.50 pb, Mariner, 2007)

The Complete Posthumous Poetry by César Vallejo, translated by Clayton Eshleman & José Rubia Barcia ($8.50 pb, w/fold to front cover, University of California, 1980)

Selected Writings of César Vallejo translated & edited by Joseph Mulligan ($17.50 hc, w/small tears to a few pages, otherwise very good, Wesleyan, 2015)

“Spain, Take This Chalice from Me” and Other Poems by César Vallejo, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden, edited with an introduction by Ilan Stavans ($7.50 pb, bilingual, w/previous owner’s name twice in front & twice in back, Penguin, 2008)

The Lotus Flowers by Ellen Bryant Voigt ($9.50 pb, 1st edition/2nd printing, Norton, 1987)

The Leaf Path by Emily Warn ($10.50 pb, inscribed 1st, front severely sunned/discolored, Copper Canyon, 1982)

Walt Whitman: The Song of Himself by Jerome Loving ($10 pb, 1st, University of California, 2000)

Translations of the Gospel Back into Tongues by C. D. Wright ($55 pb, w/slightly sunned spine & very light shelf wear, else clean & good+, SUNY, 1982)

Earlier Poems by Franz Wright ($8.50 pb, as new, Knopf, 2015)

River of Stars: Selected Poems of Yosano Akiko translated by Sam Hamill & Keiko Matsui Gibson ($12.50 pb, 1st printing, signed by Sam Hamill, Shambhala, 1997)

Beloved Infidel by Dean Young ($12.50 pb, 1st, inscribed on ffep & signed again on title page, very good condition, Wesleyan, 1992)


The Best American Poetry 2001 edited by David Lehman & Robert Hass ($12.50 hc)

Endless River: Li Po and Tu Fu: A Friendship in Poetry translated by Sam Hamill ($12.50 pb, signed by translator, Weatherhill, 1993)

Great American Prose Poems: From Poe to the Present edited by David Lehman ($6.50 pb, Scribner, 2003)

The Long Poem Anthology edited by Michael Ondaatje, featuring Robert Kroetsch, Stuart MacKinnon, Daphne Marlatt, Don McKay, Robin Blaser, Frank Davey, George Bowering, Roy Kiyooka, & bpNichol ($30 pb, 1st printing, very good condition, Coach House, 1979)

A Millennium Reflection: Seattle Poets and Photographers edited by Rod Slemmons & J. T. Stewart ($17.50 hc, new; includes photos by Marsha Burns, Michael Burns, Lee Friedlander, Natalie Fobes, Peter DeLory & poems by Denise Levertov, Richard Hugo, Colleen J. McElroy, Sherman Alexie, and others; Seattle Arts Commission, 1999)

The Oxford Book of American Poetry edited by David Lehman ($14.50 hc, no dust jacket, Oxford, 2006)

The Phoenix Book Shop: A Nest of Memories by John Ashbery, Amiri Baraka, James Broughton, Joseph Brodsky, Marshall Clements, Diane di Prima, Allen Ginsberg, Denise Levertov, Michael McClure, James Purdy, Ed Sanders, Diane Wakoski, John Wieners, & Bob Wilson; edited by Bob Wilson, Kenneth Doubrava, & John LeBow ($45 handsewn chap; numbered [#28 of 200] & signed by Baraka, di Prima, McClure, & Wilson; Innerer Klang / Candia, NH, 1997)