Used Books: June 30, 2018

Happy browsing! And, as always, do let us know if anything catches your eye.


The Book of the Dead Man by Marvin Bell ($9.50 pb, inscribed, Copper Canyon, 1994)

The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan edited by Alice Notley with Anselm & Edmund Berrigan ($27.50 hc, first, California, 2005)

Exchanging Hats: Paintings by Elizabeth Bishop, edited & with an introduction by William Benton ($17.50 hc, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1996)

Thirteen Ways of Looking for a Poem: A Guide to Writing Poetry by Wendy Bishop ($25 pb, clean interior, Addison Wesley Longman, 2000)

Stars of the Night Commute by Ana Božičević ($6.50 pb, Tarpaulin Sky, 2009)

A New Path to the Waterfall by Raymond Carver ($8.50 pb, first, Atlantic Monthly, 1989)

Grinding my ink: Haiku by Margaret Chula, with Sumi drawings by Rhony Alhalel ($11.50 pb, Katsura Press, signed, 1993)

Lists by Jean-Jacques Cory ($12 chap, Assembling Press, 1974)

Three Poems by Cid Corman ($25 chap, #77 of 150, The Sceptre Press, 1973)

Collected Poems by E. E. Cummings ($12.50 hc, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1963)

Unfortunately, It Was Paradise: Selected Poems by Mahmoud Darwish, translated by Munir Akash, Carolyn Forché, Sinan Antoon & Amira El-Zein ($14.50 pb, California, 2003)

Buckdancer’s Choice by James Dickey ($7.50 pb, Wesleyan, 1965)

Pallbearers Envying the One Who Rides by Stephen Dobyns ($9.50 pb, Penguin, 1999)

The Newly Fallen by Edward Dorn ($40 chap, w/ cover drawing by Fielding Dawson, ex libris: Denise Levertov, very good, pp31, Totem/The Paterson Society, 1961)

Entwined: Three Lyric Sequences by Carol Frost ($7.50 pb, Tupelo, 2014)

Amplitude: New & Selected Poems by Tess Gallagher ($12.50 pb, signed, Graywolf, 1976)

At the Owl Woman Saloon: Stories by Tess Gallagher ($18.50 hc, inscribed first, Scribner, 1997)

Under Stars by Tess Gallagher ($12.50 pb, signed, Graywolf, [3rd printing] 1986)

The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth by Robert Graves ($8.50 pb, Noonday/FSG, 1997)

White Apples and the Taste of Stone: Selected Poems 1946–2006 by Donald Hall ($15 hc, w/ CD of poems read by Hall, Houghton Mifflin, 2006)

Empty Mirror: Early Poems by Allen Ginsberg, with an introduction by William Carlos Williams ($12 chap, near fine, Totem/Corinth, 1961)

Dumb Luck by Sam Hamill ($8.50 pb, first, BOA, 2002)

Gratitude by Sam Hamill ($8.50 pb, first, BOA, 1998)

Night Traveling: Poems from the Chinese by Sam Hamill, w/ calligraphy by Masa Snyder ($65 pb, inscribed, 1/400 copies, Turkey Press, 1985)

October Frost by Sam Hamill ($30 chap, of an unknown quantity, Copper Canyon, 1982)

Reading Seferis by Sam Hamill ($30 chap, 1/200 copies, Copper Canyon, 1979)

Reading Seferis by Sam Hamill ($45 chap, inscribed, 1/200 copies, light sunning to left edge front & back, Copper Canyon, 1979)

Oh How Can I Keep on Singing?: Voices of Pioneer Women by Jana Harris ($7.50 pb, inscribed, Ontario Review Press, 1993)

Time & Materials: Poems 1997-2005 by Robert Hass ($35 pb, signed, Ecco, 2007)

Responsive Reading by Edward Hirsch ($9.50 pb, University of Michigan, 2002)

Thefts of the Obvious by Paul Hunter ($8 chap, signed, 1/~584 copies, now it’s up to you publications, 1985)

The Invention of the Zero by Richard Kenney ($12 pb, Knopf, 1995)

Walking Down the Stairs: Selections from Interviews by Galway Kinnell ($9.50 pb, Michigan, 1995)

Blue Notes: Essays, Interviews & Commentaries by Yusef Komunyakaa ($12.50 pb, Michigan, 2003)

Delights & Shadows by Ted Kooser ($15 pb, signed Copper Canyon, 2004)

To Make a Prairie: Essays on Poets, Poetry & Country Living by Maxine Kumin ($12.95 pb, Michigan, 1991)

Sixty Odd: New Poems by Ursula K. Le Guin ($9.50 pb, now out of print, Shambhala, 1999)

Fresh Horses by Gary Lemons ($9.50 pb, signed, Van West & Co, 2001)

Breathing the Water by Denise Levertov ($16.50 pb, signed, New Directions, 1987)

Unselected Poems by Philip Levine ($11.50 pb, Greenhouse Review, [2nd printing] 2000)

The Chinese Nightingale & Other Poems by Vachel Lindsay ($17.50 hc, very good, Macmillan, 1922)

Open Songs: Sixty Short Poems by Thomas McGrath ($30 chap, Uzzano, 1977)

The Story, She Said by Daphne Marlatt ($20 side-stapled wraps, Vol. III, #8: British Columbia Monthly, December 1977) [2 copies available]

Greenspeech by David Meltzer ($13 pb, 1/1000 copies, Christopher Books, 1970)

The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton ($22.50 pb, New Directions, 1977)

The Tears of the Blind Lions by Thomas Merton ($17.50 chap, first, very good, New Directions, 1949)

Migration: New & Selected Poems by W. S. Merwin ($125 hc, signed first, Copper Canyon, 2005)

Unframed Originals: Recollections by W. S. Merwin ($7.50 pb, Henry Holt, 1994)

Search Procedures by Erin Mouré ($8.50 pb, Anansi, 1996)

Pieces by Duane Niatum ($10 chap, Strawberry Press, 1981)

Turning to the Rhythms of Her Song by Duane Niatum ($9.50 chap, Jawbone, 1977)]

Proprioception by Charles Olson ($14 chap, near fine, Four Seasons Foundation: Writing 6, 1965)

Spearmint & Rosemary by Charles Olson ($15 chap, 1/1000 copies, Turtle Island, 1975)

‘West’ by Charles Olson, with a photo by Kenneth Irby ($30 chap, 2nd ed., Cape Goliard, 1969)

Elimination Dance by Michael Ondaatje ($22 chap, revised 2nd ed., Brick Books/Coldstream, 1980) [2 copies available]

The Book of Seventy by Alicia Ostriker ($12.50 pb, inscribed & w/ further inscription on sticky note, Pittsburgh, 2009)

Aux Arcs by Shin Yu Pai ($14.50 pb, inscribed, La Alameda, 2013)

The Other Voice by Octavio Paz, translated by Helen Lane ($7.50 pb, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1990)

In Total Resistance: Statements & Poetry from Leonard Peltier, Standing Deer, Bobby Garcia ($10 chap, Leonard Peltier Support Group, c. 1980)

Hunk of Skin by Pablo Picasso, translated by Paul Blackburn ($20 pb, bilingual, first, City Lights [Pocket Poets #25], 1968)

Conversities by Srikanth Reddy and Dan Beachy-Quick ($7.50 pb, 1913 Press, 2012)

A Crash of Rhinos by Paisley Rekdal ($11.50 pb, signed, Georgia, 2000)

New Hieroglyphic Tales: Prose Poems by Edouard Roditi, with four drawings by Modesto Roldán ($14.50 chap, front cover label detached but included, Kayak, 1968)

Theodore Roethke (Pamphlets on American Writers #30) by Ralph J. Mills ($8 chap, very good+, University of Minnesota, 1963)

Songs for Gaia by Gary Snyder ($8.50 chap, Copper Canyon, 1979)

Even in Quiet Places by William Stafford ($11 pb, Confluence, 1996)

Hopper by Mark Strand ($12.50 pb, Knopf, 2001)

Here by Wislawa Szymborska, translated by Clare Cavanagh & Stanislaw Baranczak ($15 hc, first, near fine, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010)

Triumph of the Sparrow: Zen Poems of Shinkichi Takahashi translated by Lucien Stryk, with Takashi Ikemoto ($7.50 pb, Grove, 2000)

White Elephants by Reetika Vazirani ($7.50 pb, Beacon, 2001)

World Hotel by Reetika Vazirani ($7.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 2002)

Tiepolo’s Hound by Derek Walcott ($12.50 pb, FSG, 2000)

What the Twilight Says: Essays by Derek Walcott ($11.50 pb, Faber, 1998)

The Catbird’s Song: Prose Pieces 1963-1995 by Richard Wilbur ($11.50 hc, first, Harcourt Brace, 1997)

For the Confederate Dead by Kevin Young ($14.50 hc, first, Knopf, 2007)


Searching for My Brother: Poems from the Kiswahili translated by Jan Feidel & Ibrahim Noor Shariff, with illustrations by Ibrahim Noor Shariff ($15 pb, Mushinsha/Grossman, 1973)