Used Books: November 2018

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Bright Felon by Kazim Ali ($8.50 pb, Wesleyan, 2009)

Chelate by Jay Besemer ($7.50 pb, Brooklyn Arts, 2016)

The Complete Poems by Elizabeth Bishop ($17.50 hc, no dust jacket, FSG, 1969)

Crystallography by Christian Bök ($15 pb, first, Coach House, 1994)

My Father Photographed with Friends & Other Pictures by William Bronk ($25 hc, no d.j. as issued, first, 1/400 copies, The Elizabeth Press, 1976)

Eros, the Bittersweet by Anne Carson ($6.50 pb, Dalkey Archive, 2000)

The Irish Card by Brendan Cleary ($8.50 pb, Bloodaxe, 1993)

Poems 2 by Alan Dugan ($25 hc, first, Yale, 1963)

Draft X: Letters by Rachel Blau DuPlessis ($16.50 pb, signed, Singing Horse, 1991)

Tabula Rosa by Rachel Blau DuPlessis ($11.50 pb, Potes & Poets, 1987)

Selected Poems by Larry Eigner, edited by Samuel Charters & Andrea Wyatt ($11.50 pb, first, Oyez, 1972)

Nite Soil by Kenward Elmslie ($10 collage postcards, Granary, 2000)

Instructions to the Double by Tess Gallagher ($45 pb, inscribed first printing, Graywolf, 1976)

the haiku year by Tom Gilroy, Anna Grace, Jim McKay, Douglas A. Martin, Grant Lee Phillips, Rick Roth & Michael Stipe ($5 pb, Soft Skull, 1998)

Calenday by Lauren Haldeman ($7.50 pb, Rescue Press, 2014)

The Birth-mark: unsettling the wilderness in American literary history by Susan Howe ($10 pb, first, Wesleyan, 1993)

The Europe of Trusts: Pythagorean Silence, Defenestration of Prague & The Liberties by Susan Howe ($13.50 pb, Sun & Moon, 1990)

Frame Structures: Early Poems 1974–1979 by Susan Howe ($7.50 pb, New Directions, 1996)

Pierce-Arrow by Susan Howe ($7.50 pb, New Directions, 1999)

Brave Disguises by Gray Jacobik ($6.50 pb, Pittsburgh, 2002)

Genrecide by Adeena Karasick ($7.50 pb, Talonbooks, 1996)

Mêmewars by Adeena Karasick ($7.50 pb, Talonbooks, 1994)

Where Now: New and Selected Poems by Laura Kasischke ($30 hc, inscribed first, like new, Copper Canyon, 2017)

The One-Strand River: Poems, 1994–2007 by Richard Kenney ($14.50 hc, inscribed, Knopf, 2008)

The Naomi Poems: Corpse & Beans by Saint Geraud / Bill Knott ($40 pb, Big Table, [3rd printing] 1969)

Of Such a Nature / Índole by José Kozer, translated by Peter Boyle ($11.50 pb, Alabama, 2018)

Some Life by Joanne Kyger ($13.50 pb, Post-Apollo, 2000)

Thripsis by Ann Lauterbach, with tipped-in illustration by Joe Brainard ($35 chap, 1/200 copies, Z Press, 1998)

The ABCs of Robert Lax edited by David Miller & Nicholas Zurbrugg ($25 pb, Stride, 1999)

In the Beginning Was Love by Robert Lax, edited by S. T. Georgiou ($9.50 pb, signed by editor, Templegate, 2015)

sensory deprivation & dream poetics by damian lopes ($7.50 pb, Coach House, 2000)

The Collected Poems of Archibald MacLeish ($8.50 pb, first printing, Houghton Mifflin, 1963)

Selected Poems by Antonio Machado, translated by Alan S. Trueblood ($14.50 pb, Harvard, 1982)

The Landscape Is Behind the Door by Pierre Martory, translated by John Ashbery ($9.50 pb, Sheep Meadow, 1994)

Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral translated & edited by Doris Dana, with woodcuts by Antonio Frasconi ($9.50 pb, bilingual, Johns Hopkins, [2nd printing] 1979)

Mouth: Eats Color: Sagawa Chika Translations, Anti-Translations & Originals by Sawako Nakayasu with Chika Sagawa ($8.50 pb, Rogue Factorial, 2011)

Sheepish Beauty, Civilian Love by Erin Mouré ($6.50 pb, Véhicule, 1992)

A Clove of Gender by Sheila E. Murphy ($6.50 pb, Stride, 1995)

Isla Negra: A Notebook by Pablo Neruda, translated by Alastair Reid ($8.50 pb, first, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1981)

100 Love Sonnets / Cien sonetos de amor by Pablo Neruda, translated by Stephen Tapscott ($5 pb, bilingual, University of Texas, [4th printing] 1990)

Art Facts: A Book of Contexts by bpNichol ($11.50 pb, Chax, 1990)

As Elected: Selected Writing 1962–1979 by bpNichol, edited by the author with Jack David ($7.50 pb, Talonbooks, 1980)

Journal by bpNichol ($14.50 pb, first, Coach House, 1978)

within range [comprising the third book of Traffic] by Gil Ott ($12.50 chap, Burning Deck, 1986)

ACE by Tom Raworth ($6.50 pb, Edge, 2001)

The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke ($9.50 pb, first thus, Anchor/Doubleday, 1975)

Eyetrouble by Martha Ronk ($11.50 pb, signed first, University of Georgia, 1998)

A Timeshare by Margaret Ross ($8.50 pb, Omnidawn, 2015)

Full Catastrophe Living by Zach Savich ($8.50 pb, Iowa, 2009)

(As) on things which (headpiece) touches the Moslem by Gail Sher ($9.50 chap, Square Zero Editions/Intersection, 1982)

la by Gail Sher ($11.50 pb, Rodent Press, 1996)

Dismantling the Silence by Charles Simic ($25 pb, first printing of first book, Braziller, 1971)

Wade in the Water by Tracy K. Smith ($35 hc, signed first, Graywolf, 2018)

For by Carol Snow ($14.50 pb, first, University of California, 2000)

Tokinish by James Thomas Stevens ($14.50 pb, First Intensity/shuffaloff, 1994)

Selected Poems 1950–2000 by Nathaniel Tarn ($10.50 pb, Wesleyan, 2002)

R. S. Thomas selected & edited by Anthony Thwaite ($7.50 pb, Everyman’s Poetry, 1996)

Attributed to the Harrow Painter by Nick Twemlow ($9.50 pb, Iowa, 2017)

Instan by Cecilia Vicuña ($20 pb, Kelsey Street Press, 2002)

A Point Is That Which Has No Part by Liz Waldner ($11.50 pb, signed, University of Iowa, 2000)

Code Poems (from the International Code of Signals for the Use of All Nations) by Hannah Weiner ($45 pb, Open Book/Station Hill, 1982)

The Grave of the Right Hand by Charles Wright ($11.50 pb, Wesleyan, [2nd printing] 1984)