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Monument: Poems New & Selected by Natasha Trethewey

Like a seamless tapestry, Natasha Trethewey weaves together joy, provocation, and American history in her newest collection of poems, Monument: Poems New & Selected. Each section propels us forward as it interrogates not only the stories of Black Americans, but the erasure of trauma and… Read More

The Oval Window: A New Annotated Edition by J. H. Prynne

J. H. Prynne is often pointed to as the British paragon of late Modernist poets. Voluminous in folds as well as in fullness, his body of work was influenced early on by Pound’s Cantos and The Maximus Poems of Olson, expanding to absorb far-left sociopolitical concerns and to… Read More

Refuse by Julian Randall

Julian Randall’s debut, Refuse, illustrates the mind’s ever-so-gnawing struggle with binaries, boundaries, and identity. In these poems, we see bodies split and silenced, warred and hungry. There is never a dull moment, because such is being human, such are these poems. A voice that tackles… Read More

Transaction Histories by Donna Stonecipher

Transaction Histories, Donna Stonecipher’s fifth collection, swallows the reader from the start, sending one deep into a 21st-century regency romance whose meticulously crafted prose poems wax melancholic on language, love, and travel. We are welcomed into a room full of keys, signet rings, and specimen… Read More

Cease by Beth Bachmann

This stunning, startling collection is a book of walls and wars. Wars—in the world, in the body—are fought for, are yearned to be outside of, all the while being constrained by walls: the metaphorical ones of relationships and desires, the physical ones as border to… Read More

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